Upadhyaksha Movie Review: Confident Chikkanna Hits It Out Of The Park!

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Upadhyaksha Review: A Good Comedy Entertainer.

Upadhyaksha Kannada Movie Review


Upadhyaksha, the sequel to the succesful Kannada comedy film 'Adhyaksha', released this week all-over Karnataka. Adhyaksha was released about 10 years ago and was a box office success. While the 2014 film, Adhyaksha, featured actor Sharan playing the lead character of Adhyaksha and Chikkanna in the supporting charater of Upadhyaksha; the 2024 film, Upadhyaksha, features actor Chikkanna in his first ever lead role of his career after acting in more than 200 films till now. The movie's trailer promised the film to be a complete comedy entertainer, similar to its predecessor, Adhyaksha. But does the movie actually live up to its expectations? Read our review to find out!

Upadhyaksha Movie Review: Non-Spoiler Review

Upadhyaksha Review: Plot

Upadhyaksha, being a sequel to Adhayaksha, borrows a lot of plot elements from Adhyaksha. Upadhyaksha is set in the village of Gejjepura, the same village as in the 2014 film Adhayksha. Chikkanna reprises his role as Narayana, the Upadhyaksha of Chi. Thu (Chinte Illada Thund Haikla) Sangha. Actor Sharan, who played the role of Chandrashekhar Gowda in Adhyaksha, makes a guest appearance as Adhyaksha of Chi. Thu Sangha.

Upadhyaksha Narayana is at loggerheads with Shivarudre Gowda of Gejjepura and elopes with his daughter from Gejjepura. Shivarudre Gowda, angry and shocked at the development, goes in search of the eloped couple with the intention of killing Narayana and returning with his daughter back to Gejjepura. Can Narayana overcome Shivrudregowda and marry Anjali? Watch the film to find out.

The plot is quite simplistic, but the screenplay and dialogues make the film completely entertaining. The comedy aspect in the film is more often situational and is further made better through the dialogues. However, the dialogues, sometimes, themselves evoke laughter without much of the situation being comical. The movie is written and handled in such a way, that even in the supposed serious & tense situations in the film, there is always that touch of comedy. The film is directed by Anil Kumar T M, and writen by Chandramohan.

Upadhyaksha Review: Cast and Performances:

Chikkanna, in his first ever role as a 'Hero', completely nails his role as Upadhyaksha Narayana. There is never a moment in the film where Chikkana misses his mark, and appears uber confident playing his character, which is evident in his body language. Chikkanna carries this film on his shoulders, and he is ably supported by the other cast members. Chikkanna, one of the most popular comedy actors in the Kannada film industry, who has the innate talent of making the situation comical & amusing just through his typical style of speaking and body language, effortlesssly plays his role of Upadhyaksha. His effortless acting, confidence and comic timing give an enormous lift to the film.

The female lead of the film, Malaika Vasupal, who is maing her debut to the silver screen with this film, also plays her role with ease. Malaika has previously worked in the Kannada TV serials, and she is not a complete newbie when it comes to facing the camera. Her peformance, as the bubbly girl Anjali, is right up there with Chikkanna's performance as Narayana. Their appearance together on the screen is good, and they both never make us feel that there is any lack of chemistry between them.

The other cast members, including Ravi Shankar, Sadhu Kokila, Veena Sundar, have acted well and lend their support to the film through their able acting.

Upadhyaksha Review: Production:

The film is produced by Umapathi Srinivas, who previously produced films like Roberrt and Hebbuli. The production values of Upadhyaksha are pretty good, and the movie appears quite rich on the screen. The movie is well-picturized, and the sets, costumes, props, and colours in the songs and dance sequences makes the movie feel richer.

Upadhyaksha Review: Music:

Musician Arjun Janya has lent music to Upadhyakhsa. The music syncs with the theme of the film and further increases the watchability of the film.

Upadhyaksha Review: What to Expect?

If you've watched Adhyaksha, then expect a very similar brand of comedy. With Chikkanna as the lead actor, you already know what you can expect from the film. The comedy in Upadhyaksha is nicely done, and never actually feels too vulgar.

Upadhyaksha Review: Conclusion:

Upadhyaksha is a comedy entertainer that can be watched with your friends and also with your family. With a runtime of 2 hours 30 minutes, Upadhyaksha entertains more often than it bores.

Rating - 3.5/5 | ALSO SEE - Kaatera Movie Review

- Review by Aditya.

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