Eagle Telugu Movie Review: A Well-Shot Action Entertainer

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Eagle Telugu Review: A Satisfactory Action Thriller.

Eagle Telugu Movie Review


Eagle, "Mass Maharaja" Ravi Teja's latest action offering, released this week at the theatres. Eagle, at the outset, appears to be a prety much different kind of action film when compared to Ravi Teja's usual "masala" action flicks. The film is directed by Karthik Gattamneni, who has predominantly worked as a cinematographer. Eagle, reportedly, is Karthik Gattamneni's second venture as a director following the 2015 movie 'Surya vs Surya'. Eagle's trailer promised the film to be a slick out-and-out action entertainer. But does the movie actually live up to its expectations? Read our review to find out!

Eagle Telugu Movie Review: Non-Spoiler Review

Eagle Movie Review: Plot

Eagle is the story of a "ruthless assasin," the most wanted man, code-named 'Eagle' for his impressive ability to accurately strike down targets. The central character of the movie, Eagle, played by Ravi Teja, is well-developed and quite intriguing. The character of Eagle is slowly uncovered, with sufficient build-up and hype, with the help of another character, a journalist.

This type of story-telling, through another character in a movie, is quite popular, and we have seen it multiple times even in recent times, like in Salaar, where the story is told through Aadhya (Shruthi Haasan), and in both KGF Chapter 1 and KGF Chapter 2, where the story is told by using the characters of journalists. Here also, narrating the story through a journalist allows the character of Eagle to be built-up sufficiently before it is completely showcased on the screen.

Eagle's story might appear impressive on paper and might have ticked all the boxes for the lead actor, producers, and director before going into the production of the film with respect to attracting both the multiplex and single-screen audience to the theaters. But the execution is not quite there and could've been better. A better screenplay could've actually done wonders for the film. Nonetheless, the film is pretty engaging, and you get regular doses of action throughout the film.

Eagle Telugu Review: Cast and Performances:

When you watch the film, it becomes obvious that Ravi Teja has actually enjoyed playing this character. Ravi Teja plays his character with ease and with a lot of flamboyance, and he helps enormously towards character building through his impressive performance. When it comes to just acting performanaces in the movie, Ravi Teja, who plays the titular character of Eagle', carries the entire weight of the movie on his able shoulders.

The female lead of the film, Anupama Parameswaran, is equally impressive in the film, even though much of 'Eagle' is about 'Eagle'.

The other cast members have also performed well and lend their support to the film through their able acting.

Eagle Telugu Review: Production:

Eagle is a superbly shot film. Some of the camera shots are absolutely delightful to watch. The impressive cinematography by Karthik Gattamneni (who is also the director of the film) takes the film to another level and makes the movie an enjoyable watch, particularly the action sequences. The good camerawork, along with the pleasing cinematic color template, makes the movie appear rich and of higher quality.

The fights and action sequences are well-choreographed and further help the film.

Eagle Telugu Review: Music:

The music by Davzand is on the louder side and but blends well with the theme of the film. The BGM adds to the feel of the film and makes the action sequences more effective.

Eagle Telugu Review: What to Expect?

Expect a stylish, well-shot action thriller that entertains for most of its part. While the screenplay could've been better, the film is still a paisa vasool entertainer.

Eagle Telugu Review: Conclusion:

With a runtime of 158 minutes, Eagle has enough ammo to keep you engaged throughout the duration of the film. Eagle can make for a satisfactory watch this weekend.

Rating - 3.5/5 | ALSO SEE - TBMAUJ Movie Review | Salaar Movie Review

- Review by Aditya.

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