Guntur Kaaram Movie Review: Typical Mahesh Babu All-Round Action Entertainer

Guntur Kaaram Movie Review
Guntur Kaaram Review: Mahesh Babu is Back!

Guntur Kaaram Movie Review


It has been almost 2 years since a Mahesh Babu film released, and he is back with another action entertainer, this time named as 'Guntur Kaaram' referring to the famous hot chilli from Guntur region in Andhra Pradesh which is quite hot to handle. Mahesh Babu's previous film 'Sarkaru Vaari Paata' thoroughly entertained his fans and audience, and this time the expectations are the same. The trailer of the film which was released on January 7th, promised a typical Mahesh Babu action-drama waiting to entertain the moviegoers. But does Guntur Kaaram actually live-up to the huge expectations of being a Mahesh Babu film? Read our detailed review to find out.

Guntur Kaaram Movie Expert Review: Non-Spoiler Review

Guntur Kaaram Review - Plot:

Mahesh Babu plays the character of Venkata Ramana, a flamboyant and charismatic person who has no bounds and crushes everyone who comes in his way. Without revealing much about the plot, Guntur Kaaram's plot is fairly formulaic and typical of the Telugu action-dramas. Trivikram Srinivas, the writer and director of the film, has handled the subject very well and keeps the audience entertained throught the film. The sub-plots of the film are well-tethered and smoothly move along with the main plot. The narration is pretty much linear with a steady pace and keeps the audience engaged most of the time.

Guntur Kaaram Review: Cast and Performances:

Guntur Kaaram is an out and out Mahesh Babu film, and he excels in his role effortlessly. Mahesh Babu's extremely confident swag sets the screen on fire, and the fans get their money's worth by just watching Mahesh Babu's supremely stylish mannerisms, rest of the movie is just an additional bonus! Mahesh Babu appears majestic in almost every frame; when he is fighting, when he is delivering whistle-worthy dialogues, when he is dancing and even when he is simply walking, you just admire the person in awe. Mahesh Babu hasn't lost an iota of charm even after so many years, kudos to him.

Everytime Mahesh Babu lights his beedi after bouncing the matchbox from a nearby object/person, he also lights the screen on fire. Sree Leela, who plays Ramana's love interest in the movie, does a good job and appears too cute on the screen, and she also dances amazingly well.

Both the lead actors are well supported by an ensemble cast which includes veteran actors like Jagapati Babu, Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishnan. The movie is well-cast and all the cast members have nicely performed.

Guntur Kaaram Review: Production:

Guntur Kaaram production values are good, it never appeared while watching the film as if any thing has been compromised when it comes to spending money. The movie looks good with a bright colour template with many shades of red being the predominant colour. Most of the costumes, props and vehicles particulary those of the lead actor are red coloured staying true to the 'Guntur Kaaram' name of the film.

Manoj Paramahamsa, the cinematographer, has captured the film nicely through his lens. The cinematography is particularly good in the action and song sequences.

Guntur Kaaram Review: Music:

Veteran musician S. Thaman has given music to Guntur Kaaram, and it gells very well with the film's theme and also increases the effectiveness of most of the sequences in the film.

Guntur Kaaram Review: What to Expect?

Guntur Kaaram is a typical Mahesh Babu mass-masala entertainer that can cater to almost every section of the audience. Guntur Kaaram is a highly palatable spicy blend of action, comedy, romance and family sentiments.

Guntur Kaaram Review: Conclusion:

With a runtime of about 2 hours and 45 minutes, Guntur Kaaram serves you all that is needed to make your viewing enjoyable. It is a special treat for Mahesh Babu fans.

Rating - 3.5/5 | ALSO SEE - Guntur Kaaram Rating: All Critic Ratings

- Review by Aditya.

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