Ayalaan Movie Review: Ayalaan Is A Family Friendly Total Entertainer

Ayalaan Movie Review
Ayalaan Review: Add this to your watchlist.

Ayalaan Movie Review


Ayalaan is a Tamil-language science-fiction film staring actor Sivakarthikeyan in the lead role. The trailer for Ayalaan was released on January 5, and it definitely did its job of increasing curiosity among the moviegoing audience. The trailer was well-cut and presented the film as a family-friendly movie with a good mix of action and comedy spun around a science-fiction story. The visual effects in the trailer appeared to be good and promised to deliver a nice, entertaining film. But does the film actually live up to expectations? Read our detailed review to find out.

Ayalaan Movie Expert Review: In Detail

Ayalaan Review - Plot:

After being exposed to so many science-fiction films all these years, a film on an alien does not strike as a new concept. However, I don't remember watching a Tamil-language alien movie in a theatre. There was one film tiltled 'Ellaam Mela Irukuravan Paathuppan' which was labeled as the first Tamil alien film, but did it ever release? We don't know.

While watching 'Ayalaan', you will be reminded of several sci-fi movies that you've watched before. The plot feels very familiar with a very evil villain, a visiting (or invading) alien, and the good hero and his gang of goofy friends trying to beat the evil villain with the help of the alien. Even with a familiar plot, the film's screenplay keeps you engaged most of the time, and the film never feels sluggish. Director R. Ravi Kumar, who is also the writer of the film, has done a good job with respect to amalgamating the action and comedy aspects well with the science-fiction element of the film. The comedy is situational and makes you chuckle, and action sequences are also well-executed.

Ayalaan Review: Cast and Performances:

The selection of cast for Ayalaan is quite good, particularly Sivakarthikeyan and Sharad Kelkar. Sivakarthikeyan has done a fine job playing 'Raghu' in Ayalaan, and his performance is well-supported by equally fine performances by Yogi Babu, Sharad Kelkar, Rakul Preet and Bhanupriya. Not to forget actor Siddharth, who is the voice of the alien. The good performance by the cast elevates the film, and it makes Ayalaan even more enjoyable and believable.

Ayalaan Review: Production:

Ayalaan, even with its lesser budget compared to the other movies of the same genre, looks quite impressive, and the visual effects are pretty neatly done; of course there are places where the VFX feels pretty underwhelming, but the neat storytelling and strong performances pretty much make-up for it. The alien looks very familiar, similar to the aliens in many of the alien movies that we've seen before. The alien also feels very real and humanly, which makes the plot of the movie even more acceptable and engaging.

The make-up, props, costumes and the sets, they all are pretty neatly looked after. The cinematography by Nirav Shah is quite consistantly good throught the film, and it ably increases the viewing expierence for the audience in the theatres.

Ayalaan Review: Music:

Maestro AR Rahman provides music for the film, and the background music blends very well with film, and enables the film to entertain at a level higher. The BGM is particularly good in the climax.

Ayalaan Review: What to Expect?

Ayalaan is an action-comedy film in a sci-fi setting. Running at 2 hours and 35 minutes, Ayalaan almost never feels boring and is a thorough all-round entertainer that has all the elements to keep you engaged and can be watched by everyone from kids to the elderly.

Ayalaan Review: Conclusion:

Ayalaan is clean family entertainer, that should be on your watchlist if you are planning to watch movies this weekend in the theatres.

Rating - 4/5

- Review by Aditya.

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