Top All-Time Best Ramsay Brothers Horror Movies List

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Best Ramsay Movies List

Top Ramsay Bollywood Horror Movies From 1972 to 1991

List of Best Ramsay Hindi Horror Movies

6. Aakhri Cheekh

Aakhri Cheekh is a 1991 Ramsay horror movie directed by Kiran Ramsay. The film is about a black magician who lures young virgin girls to his mansion and kills them, to remain young forever. Aakhri Chhekh's first half is engaging and is quite entertaining. The film begins to fall apart in the second half, but still somehow manages to hold everything together till the end. The film is decent and fairly entertaining. The film stars Vijay Arora, Anil Dhawan, Deepak Parashar and Poonam Dasgupta in the lead roles.

5. Dahshat

Dahshat is directed by Tulsi Ramsay and Shyam Ramsay. The film released in 1981. Dahshat is quite different from the other Ramsay horror movies with respect to its storyline. The story revolves around a scientist who is working on a secret formula that increases the Human capabilities. But the scientist's disgruntled wife injects him with the untested formula!

4. Darwaza

Darwaza released in 1978. The film is directed by Tulsi & Shyam Ramsay. A cursed monster is living in a dungeon underneath a huge bungalow. The dungoen and the monster are separated from the overground mansion by just a darwaza (door). The film takes its time to get going at the beginning. But after a slow start, Darwaza is quite an interesting watch with an element of suspense!

3. Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche

Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche is the first horror movie made by the Ramsays. The film released in 1972 and went on to become a huge hit. The film was made on a very limited budget, and it made enormous profits after its release, motivating the Ramsays to make more horror films. The film's plot is simple. A dead man comes back to life to take revenge on his unfaithful wife who killed him. But the way the story unfolds is what makes the movie interesting. But the film is dated, since it was made more than 45 years ago. The same holds true for other horror movies in this list as well.

2. Veerana

Veerana released in 1988. Veerana is also directed by Tulsi Ramsay & Shyam Ramsay (The other Ramsay brothers have also directed a few horror films, but those films did not become popular). Veerana is the most popular and well known Ramsay horror film. The lead role in the film is played by actress Jasmine, who is still searched on the internet! Veerana features many erotic scenes, mainly involving its lead actress Jasmine. Plot - Thakur Mahendra Pratap's brother Sameer kills the evil witch Nakita. The creator of Nakita, the evil-worshiper Baba, takes revenge on Thakur by making Nakita's spirit posses his young daughter.

1. Purana Mandir

Purana Mandir released in 1984. Purana Mandir is the biggest hit in the horror career of the Ramsays'. Purana Mandir features Mohnish Bahl, Aarti Gupta and Puneet Issar in the lead roles. And the film is directed by Tulsi Ramsay and Shyam Ramsay. Purana Mandir is about the shaitan Saamri and his curse to the royal family of Bijapur. 200 years after, the curse still haunts the royal family living in Mumbai. The film succeeds in creating a spooky atmosphere, and the background music helps creating an eerie mood. Purana Mandir is an entertaining watch.

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