Where is Veerana Actress Jasmine?

Where is Veerana Actress Jasmine?

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Where is actress Jasmine of Veerana?

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If you have watched the Ramsay horror movie Veerana (not Kanti Shah's Virana), you will remember its lead actress Jasmine; the super hot bhootni, possessed seductress.

Jasmine hot bathing still from Veerana
Jasmine in a still from 'Veerana'
But after Veerana she seems to have just disappeared! There is no information available on the internet. Where was she from? Who were her parents? and no images of her after Veerana are available and no public appearance was/is reported.

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Yahoo answers, Quora and entertainment forums are filled with questions asking her whereabouts. Where is Jasmine, where is she? Why has she disappeared after Veerana? What happened to her? and questions like, is she even alive? are asked. There are a lot of discussions but no one knows for sure.

According to the credits shown in the movie her real life name also is Jasmine, I don't know if that name is really real as it was very common those days for actors to have a fake screen name. But that name can be real too.

She had done two movies before Veerana, Sarkaari Mehman(1979) starring Vinod Khanna and Divorce(1984). It was ND Kothari the producer and director of films 'Sarkaari Mehman' and 'Divorce' introduced Jasmine to bollywood. Her 'Divorce' co-star Vijayendra Ghatge who also acted in Veerana later, had earlier acted in 1980 Ramsay horror movie 'Guest House', may have introduced Jasmine to the Ramsays when they were searching for an actress to play the lead role in Veerana.

Jasmin is largely remembered for her role in Veerana. After Veerana she did not act in any movies. Veerana was her last appearance on screen.

Jasmine in Sarkaari Mehman Poster
Jasmine in Sarkaari Mehman Poster
Jasmine in a still from Sarkaari Mehman
Jasmine in a still from Sarkaari Mehman
Youtube: Jasmine in a song from Sarkaari Mehman

Youtube: Jamine in a song from Movie Divorce

Youtube: Jamine & Vijendra Ghatge in a song from movie Divorce.

Why did she disappear after Veerana? dint she get any movie offers after Veerana? very unlikely. May be she got married and left acting all together and is living happily
with her family away from all the limelight.

Bollywood's underworld link has a long history. Underworld extorting actors, producers; blackmailing them, asking for sexual favours, threatening them if they don't obey; or actors, producers themselves involved in the crime syndicate is all known.

Bollywood and Underworld Connections with Photos

So the speculations of underworld behind Jasmine's vanishing could be a possibility. did she move out of India or something bad happened to her?

There is no one apart from her who can answer these questions.

I believe these questions will remain unanswered forever.

Jasmine tum kaha ho....

Veerane mein!

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