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Marathi Movies Digital Streaming Rights & Digital Release Dates

Below is the complete list of all the latest, new and upcoming Marathi films and their respective online streaming partners (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Zee5) along with their online release dates. Note: This list of Marathi movies on Amazon Prime India, Netflix India and Zee5 only includes movies which were released in 2019-2020. We will keep updating this list and the dates of the newest Marathi movie Digital Rights & Digital Premiere Dates, so keep visiting for new updates. If we look at the below list, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5 and Netflix are the majority buyers of the digital rights of the Marathi films.

Where To Watch Marathi Movies Online?

Marathi Movie Online Streaming Rights Digital Release Date
Fatteshikast Zee5 07 Aug 2020
Dostigiri Amazon Prime Video 23 July 2020
31 Diwas Amazon Prime Video 24 June 2020
Prawaas Amazon Prime Video 20 June 2020
Aaron Amazon Prime Video 16 June 2020
Double Seat Amazon Prime Video 20 May 2020
AB Aani CD Amazon Prime Video 01 May 2020
Love you Zindagi Amazon Prime Video 19 Apr 2020
Girlfriend Amazon Prime Video 06 Apr 2020
Bonus Amazon Prime Video 28 Mar 2020
Choricha Mamla Amazon Prime Video 01 Mar 2020
Sohalla Amazon Prime Video 01 Mar 2020
Miranda House Amazon Prime Video 26 Feb 2020
Hirkani Amazon Prime Video 14 Jan 2020
Vicky Velingkar Amazon Prime Video 05 Jan 2020
Girlz Amazon Prime Video 01 Jan 2020
Triple Seat Amazon Prime Video 23 Nov 2019
Palshichi PT Zee5 23 Nov 2019
Ek Nirnay...
Swatahacha Swatasathi
Amazon Prime Video 20 Nov 2019
DNA Amazon Prime Video 13 Nov 2019
Ti And Ti Zee5 24 Oct 2019
Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2 Amazon Prime Video 23 Sep 2019
Smile Please Amazon Prime Video 09 Sep 2019
Veergati Zee5 26 Aug 2019
Takatak Amazon Prime Vide 16 Aug 2019
Anandi Gopal Zee5 14 Aug 2019
Bhai - Vyakti Ki Valli YouTube Now Playing
Mogra Phulaalaa Amazon Prime Video 13 Jul 2019
Wedding Cha Shinema Amazon Prime Video 02 Jun 2019
Krutant Netflix 01 Jun 2019
Sur Sapata Netflix 01 May 2019
Sarva Line Vyasta Aahet Amazon Prime Video Now Playing
A hunt for Closure
Netflix Now Playing
Mi Pan Sachin Amazon Prime Video Now Playing
Lucky Netflix Now Playing
66 Sadashiv Amazon Prime Video Now Playing
15 August Netflix Now Playing
Strawberry Shake Zee5 Now Playing
Firebrand Netflix Now Playing
Aaranyak Zee5 Playing Now
Hajiri Zee5 Playing Now
Rampaat Zee5 Now Playing
Chatrapati Shashan Amazon Prime Video Now Playing
Menka Urvashi Amazon Prime Video Now Playing
Aasud Amazon Prime Video Now Playing

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Update (30 July, 2020): World digital premiere of Marathi movie 'Fatteshikast' is scheduled on 7th August on OTT platform Zee5.

Update (20 June, 2020): Marathi family drama movie, 'Prawaas', featuring actors Ashok Saraf and Padmini Kolhapure in the lead roles, is now available for online streaming on OTT platform Amazon Prime Video.

Update (30 April, 2020): Marathi comedy film 'AB Aani CD' will make its digital premiere tomorrow on Amazon Prime Video.

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