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Crakk Review: A Good Action Film To Watch This Weekend.

Crack Hindi Movie Review


'Action Hero' Vidyut Jammwal is back with another action film named Crakk. This time, he teams up with Nora Fatehi and Arjun Rampal to take you on an action-filled roller-coaster ride. Should you take this roller-coaster ride? Is it worth your time and money? Read our review to find out!

Crack Hindi Movie Review: Non-Spoiler Review

Crakk Review: Plot

When you have an action specialist actor like Vidyut Jammwal as your lead, you definitely need a plot that is tailored to showcase his martial arts skills. With Mr. Jammwal himself being the producer, the plot is particularly crafted to provide enough opportunities for him to showcase his remarkable skills. Crakk, therefore, is a completely action-oriented film, and the action doesn't feel forced as the story is pretty much well-stitched to its action parts.

The story of Crakk revolves around participants in an underground arena in Poland who partake in dangerous, life-threatening stunts in order to win cash prizes. Vidyut Jammwal plays the role of Siddharth Dixit, whose brother (Nihal) died while performing in the final extreme challenge in the arena (Maidaan) of Poland. Siddhu (Vidyut) also wants to take part in the extreme sports competition in Poland, which is run by Dev (Arjun Rampal). While in Poland, Siddhu learns the secret behind the extreme sports championship and his brother's death. What happens next? Watch the film to find out.

To be honest, Crack is the first film of its kind with respect to its storyline and the kind of stunts that are performed in the movie. There are several foreign films that have a similar theme as Crakk, but even then, Crakk feels new, and one of the positives of the film is its novelty factor.

For those who have watched TV shows like Fear Factor or Khatron Ke Khiladi (the Hindi version of Fear Factor), Crakk comes across as a 2-and-a-half hour extreme version episode of Fear Factor with brother sentiment, father sentiment and a romantic angle storyline. Nonetheless, the movie is entertaining.

The story, of course, feels new, but more work should've been done on the script. The plot feels quite superficial and sometimes unconvincing, and the screenplay struggles to keep everything coherent. The action sequences are excellently executed, and they very well make-up for the mediocre screenplay.

Crakk Review: Cast and Performances:

Vidyut Jammwal has performed brilliantly and carries the film on his shoulders. His apparently effortless and spotless performance in the action sequences is what lifts the film and makes it watchable and entertaining. Not just the action sequences; Vidyut does a good job when it comes to acting and neatly portrays his character, Siddharth Dixit.

Nora Fatehi, playing the female lead in this film, adds to the film what she had added in all the other films she had done before. Arjun Rampal does justice to his character of Dev in this film.

Crakk Review: Production:

The movie looks good. It looks like a good amount of money has been spent to make sure that film doesn't feel low-budget. The locations are nice, the stunt contraptions are well-designed and the stunts themselves are well-choreographed. Some of the action sequences are so well-executed that they are a treat to watch.

Mark Hamilton, the cinematographer of Crakk, has brilliantly captured the film, particularly the action scenes. The camera work, even though sometimes it feels like the camera is moving too fast, lifts the action sequences to another level and makes you not blink your eyes.

Crakk Review: Music:

The music by Tanishk Bagchi and Mithun Sharma gells well with the theme of the film.

Crakk Review: What to Expect?

Action! A lot of breathtaking action-sequences. When you buy the tickets of Crakk, you will be paying to watch the well-executed, impossible, and unbelievable action scenes. Also, the action is fused with a storyline, so the film keeps you entertained for most of its duration.

Crakk Review: Conclusion:

Crakk is for those who like to watch a lot of action films. If you've liked watching a film like, say, Expendables 4 (storywise, not similar to Crakk, but you didn't watch Expendables 4 for its story, did you?), then you should buy the tickets for Crakk.

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- Review by Aditya.

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