KGF Chapter 1: Who is Ramika Sen, The Prime Minister in Real Life?

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Who is Ramika Sen?

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There has been a lot of interest among people who've watched the film 'KGF Chapter 1', to know the details of PM Ramika Sen's character from the movie. But, who is Ramika Sen? We will tell you. Read on.

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The first scene of KGF Chapter 1, which is set in the year 1981, shows the Prime Minister of India, Ramika Sen, ordering the Indian Army to clean KGF (Kolar Gold Fields) from the mining criminal mafia, and get the place under govt control. But who is Ramika Sen, the Prime Minister? India never had a PM by the name of Ramika Sen.

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The point to note here is, that even though the film KGF may have been inspired by real life events, the film is almost a thoroughly fictionalized version of what may have happened in the Kolar Gold Fields.

But, did any Prime Minister of India really order for an Army action in the KGF? If it really happened, who was the PM who ordered it? The film shows a woman PM signing the order papers for the Army action, in the year 1981. The only woman PM India ever had, was the Honorable former PM Indira Gandhi. And, she was also the Prime Minister during 1981; from 1979 to 1984.

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KGF Chapter 1 also tells us that the character, Ramika Sen, will be contesting elections from Karnataka. Again, it was Indira Gandhi who contested polls from Karnataka's Chickamagalur in 1978. All these things are pointing towards Indira Gandhi, who is shown in the film to have taken tough stand against the criminals.

It indeed looks like PM Ramika Sen is Indira Gandhi. But, since the film is largely fiction, we will have to conclude that Ramika Sen is a fictional character.

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- Aditya.

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