Movie Review: Karva is a Well-Made Horror Thriller

Karva Kannada Movie Review

Karva / Karvva Kannada Movie Review

After the huge success of the horror film '6-5=2', they are back with another horror film; Karva. 6-5=2 was actually a surprisingly good watch, given that it was made by newcomers on a small budget. Let's find out how the movie Karva is, in this review.

The story of Karva is about two incidents which are connected to each other. The first incident is a kidnap of a multi-millionaire's daughter and the second is about a reality TV programme crew heading out to a supposedly haunted mansion 'Raja Bungalow', to find out the truth behind the rumours.

The two events are narrated simultaneously and gradually they become a part of a single story. These incidents are shown in two parallel narrations in the first half. And they join each other at the interval and it's a single narration post interval in a gradual revealing of suspense.

Karva doesn't waste any time and gets straight down to business from the very beginning. Apart from some intro music in the first 5 minutes of the film, Karva has no songs and has no unnecessary sub plots or comic reliefs obstructing the flow of the film. It flows smoothly at full throttle with no hiccups till the end.

Karva Raj Bangalow Screenshot

The two incidents in the film join each other and become a single story. Then you are taken into a flashback, when a character in the movie reads out a book. What follows after, is the hide and seek games with a vengeful spirit, creating a nice build-up for the showdown. And the suspense is revealed at the end of the film connecting all the dots. This is the plot of Karva. You may think that this is a regular, run-of-the-mill style plot. But it's not. Karva is quite different. Sure, Karva has its share of horror clich├ęs, but it has a few smart tricks up its sleeve to surprise you.

Strength of Karva is its script. Karva is narrated in an interesting manner that keeps you engaged throughout the film. It's an upsurge narration. The more it reveals, the more it gets interesting. And the film manages to keep its secret till the very end of the movie. There are twists and turns in the storytelling that keeps you hooked to the film. Of course, some of the twists in the story can easily be guessed, but some are surely going to surprise you.

In the movie you see "Everything is planned" written on a wall. Karva is just that; everything well planned.

Karva kannada death bathtub scene

Karva kannada horror movie scene

All the actors have done a good job. Cinematography is consistently good throughout the film and some of the shots and camera angles are particularly well done, making Karva more effective. Background music is one of the high points of Karva. It is well composed, and appropriate score at appropriate scenes helps elevate the mood of the film.

Well-woven screenplay, crisp editing, good cinematography and background music make Karva an enjoyable watch.

Karva is actually a much better film than what its trailer makes you to believe. Karva is not one of those b-grade, low budget, cheap looking, obscene horror films. Karva is a well thought, well written and a well executed film, that is well worth a watch.

Rating - 4/5

- Prashanth

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