Dangal Movie Review: Dangal is a Masterpiece!

Dangal Movie Review: Dangal is a Masterpiece!

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Dangal Exclusive Movie Review

Dangal Movie Review | Contains Spoilers!

Aamir Khan is back with another Christmas release. He is back after two years with his last film being 'PK' which was released on Christmas 2014. Dangal is directed by Nitesh Tiwari who earlier directed 'Chillar Party' and 'Bhoothnath Returns'. Let's find out how the movie Dangal is, in this review.

Dangal is a sports biographical drama. The story of Dangal is about Indian Wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat, his wife Daya Kaur and their daughters Geeta and Babita.

Mahavir aspires to have a male child, so that his son can achieve his unfulfilled dream of winning Gold Medal for India in Wrestling. But he is blessed with four daughters. He believes that his dream is never going to get fulfilled, until he realizes that his daughters his can win Gold too and decides to make them Wrestlers. His daughters are unwilling to become wrestlers, but that doesn't bother Mahavir and wants to see them winning Gold Medals at any cost. He has already decided to go all the way to make them wrestlers. And thus the journey of  his daughters against all odds to become wrestlers starts. The journey is not a smooth ride on a highway. They hit rough patches, go through ups and downs and emotionally testing times.

Dangal Movie Review Mahavir Singh Phogat Aamir Khan

Geeta and Babita are taken lightly in the beginning. Nobody believes that they can be wrestlers and everyone thinks it is just a pointless exercise waiting to go futile. But Mahavir is determined. While some local wrestlers refuse to fight them initially and some go soft on them because they are girls. But they soon learn what they are made of. The scenes involving wrestling have been well shot and choreographed.

Dangal Movie Review

Dangal Movie Review wrestling scene

The actors have put in a lot of hard work and it shows in each and every scene of Dangal. From getting the right physique, right body language, gait, haryanvi accent to getting those wrestling moves right, so that it doesn't look and feel artificial; Kudos to the team of Dangal for getting it right. If anyone has any doubts over Aamir Khan being a 'Perfectionist', they should watch Dangal. I had watched his transformation video 'From Fat to Fit' on youtube before watching this film, and he absolutely nails it on screen.

The story telling in Dangal is interesting and keeps you engaged. There is never a dull moment in the entire film. The film progresses in steady manner and manages to create an enormous build-up for an emotional and inspiring climax. You might well find your patriotism levels increased by the time you finish watching Dangal.

Dangal is an effective film. What makes it effective is that it keeps it realistic; characters have been portrayed very well on screen and is executed in its entirety to perfection and is devoid of excessive 'masala'. The music and cinematography are good.  Dangal is an outstanding and a beautifully crafted film.

Dangal is a must watch film. Watch it with your friends, family and your loved ones. If you have been wating to take your family out for a movie, then your wait is over. Dangal is a clean film. It is the kind of cinema that you can comfortably watch with your family.

And before I end my review, My salutes to real life Geeta and Babita for winning Gold for our country. Jai Hind!

Rating - 5/5

- Prashanth

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