Tagaru Movie Review: Suri's Film 'Tagaru' is a Mis-Hit

Tagaru Kannada Movie Review (Contains Spoilers)

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Tagaru Movie Review

Suri's Tagaru Misses the Mark

Tagaru is a Kannada crime drama film directed by Duniya Suri, starring Shiva Rajkumar in the lead role.

Tagaru is a story of a cop ACP 'Tagaru' Shiva (Shiva Rajkumar) who gets his name because of his habit of using his forehead as a weapon like a 'Tagaru' (Bighorn Ram) to give his enemies concussions. 'Tagaru' Shiva's mission is to clean the city from rowdies and is on an encounter spree taking them head on. Dreaded rowdies 'Dolly' and 'Chitte' learn about Shiva's plans and ask him to exempt them from his encounter list, by offering money. Shiva refuses the money offered and warns them to mend their ways otherwise they would be killed. Thus ensuing friction between them and ACP Shiva. What happens next forms the rest of the film. Tagaru starts as a rowdyism film and then starts developing into an apparent love story shortly, and then again gets back to rowdyism.

Tagaru starts without much introduction and it feels abrupt, as if you are watching the film from the middle part. There is too much happening on the screen in too little time at the beginning, and it fails to create any interest and leaves you confused. The narration is choppy and the characters come and go without adding much meaning to the plot.

The movie starts to slowly get into its groove after the first 40 minutes or so, and is quite watchable thereafter. Till then, there is no motive for you to continue watching Tagaru. I had in fact thought of walking out of the film! such was the frustration. And the frustration doesn't end here, there is more frustration towards the end, as the film drags and drags on endlessly. It's the middle one hour of the film that offers some solace. The beginning 40 and the final 20 minutes suck. The film is a tedious watch and does test your patience at times.

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Tagaru's narration is not linear but it is back and forth. And the back and forth narration is disjointed and choppy, and doesn't flow smoothly; which is especially true in the initial and late parts of film, causing the film to circle endlessly and leading to an array of repeat scenes. And as a result the whole film feels like an incoherent mess. It is evident from the film that director Suri wanted to present Tagaru in a different way, but he has only partially succeeded in doing so, which as a result has turned the film into a hotchpotch.

But, Tagaru is a beautifully shot film. Along with the good camera work; the locations, costumes, sets and props are good as well and add to mood of the film. Tagaru gets it right with respect to acting, cinematography, music, and even the script; it is the poor screenplay and editing that fail this movie, which otherwise could have been an enjoyable film, but ends up being dragging, repetitive and predictable.

Shivaraj Kumar plays his character of 'Tagaru Shiva' effortlessly, but it is Dhananjay who shines in this film as rowdy 'Dolly'. Female leads have little to do in this film and their portions sometimes feels forced. They do a good job playing their respective characters as well. Most of the dialogues in 'Tagaru' are raw and realistic, but there are a few clich├ęd and filmy dialogues as well.

Overall, Tagaru may have been a well intended film, but has missed the mark by quite a distance. Tagaru is an uninteresting monotonous mess. Not recommended.

Rating - 2/5

- Review by Aditya.

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