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Haveli Featured in 'Purana Mandir' and 'Purani Haveli'

Film 'Purana Mandir' Haveli Location

One of the striking features of the Ramsay horror movies along with the desolated areas and jungles, are the huge spooky havelis. These creepy bungalows and mansions made the Ramsay films even more entertaining to watch. Ramsays carefully selected their shooting locations, and it showed in their films.

There are quite a few haunted havelis that Ramsays used in their horror films. But the one haveli that caught everyone's eyes is the one that Ramsas used in 'Purana Mandir' and 'Purani Haveli'. The huge structure is beautiful and imposing. And the way Ramsays shot it, made it more scary. The haveli is an isolated building surrounded by jungle, and is on the sea coast. The very location of the mansion makes it beautiful yet frightening. We know the where the haveli is situated. And we will give you the exact location of the place in this article. So, read on.

The name of the haveli is Nawab Siddi's palace, and is in the Murad-Janjira, Maharashtra. The palace is a private property, and hence it is not open for public viewing. However, you can see it from the outside.

The haveli also featured in the film Veerana, but only in one scene. The haveli was effectively used throughout the film in 'Purana Mandir'.

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