Kendasampige Movie Review: Kendasampige is a Gripping Thriller

Kendasampige Kannada Movie Review

Kendasampige Kannada Movie Review

Kendasampige is directed by Soori, who earlier directed Duniya, Inthi Ninna Preethiya, Anna Bond and Kaddipudi. Kendasampige has two new actors playing the lead roles. Read our detailed review to find out how the film is.

The movie starts with 3 cops stashing a huge amount of money; the money that they got after a drug raid in Mangalore headed by DCP Suryakanth (played by Prakash Belawadi). They under-report the sieze to the govt and pocket the rest of the money. Things go south when one of them disappears with all the money.

Forward to 8 months, we see a cute couple in a theatre watching a film. They are very much in love. But the girl's mother doesn't want her daughter to be with the boy as he is a "low-level employee" in her own company. She tells DCP Suryakanth to do something about the boy, so that he doesn't enter into her daughter's life again. Suryakanth fixes him in a false drug trafficking case and gets him beaten-up. And before the boy could even know whats happening, he is produced in the court and the court pronounces two years imprisonment and ten thousand rupees fine! All of a sudden his life is turned upside down. And while he was being taken away from the court, he shoots the cop and escapes. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

Kendasampige, from the start till the end keeps you absolutely engrossed. It's the gripping narration and tight screenplay that wins you over. It sticks to the track and does not deviate from its story. The crime tale that the film tells is in the driver seat and that is what keeps you hooked. Even though the love story plays second fiddle, it complements to it excellently. Kendasampige has no songs and no side plots or unnecessary comic reliefs to distract you. And the movie gets more and more interesting as it progresses and as things unfold. The twists & turns keep things spiced up. The story is quite well-knitted and credits to the writers. There are a few loose ends in the script, but they aren't obvious and don't harm the film in anyway.

Kendasampige works because it keeps it simple and realistic and keeps all the commercial elements out. The dialogues, situations, portrayal of the characters and the narration are kept close to real. And good acting performances make this movie much more effective. And credits to the composer and cinematographer for taking mood of the movie a notch up with their excellent work.

Kendasampige is actually almost a perfectly executed film. It's the rawness of the film, that hits you hard and takes you by surprise and makes you sit up and take notice. Soori has again proved that he is a talented and a capable director.

As a fan of crime thrillers and after having watched hundreds of movies in this genre, Kendasampige still managed to impress me. That's what good movies do. I am happy that I happened to watch this film and I am already waiting for the other part of this film to release.

Kendasampige is a well-made film which focuses on story and narration. It keeps you absorbed throughout the film. Watch Kendasampige with a clear mind and with no prejudice. I am sure you will be impressed. Kendasampige is a tasty dish, an absolute must watch. Recommended.

Rating - 4.5/5

- Prashanth

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