Movie Review: Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab is an Absolute Masterpiece!

MSG Hind Ka NaPak Ko Jawab Movie Review

Baba MSG strikes again! Last time we had MSG fighting aliens to save this planet. This time he fights "NaPak"! In the last film he played 'Sher Dil', in this film he is 'Sher-E-Hind'. He is India's lone saviour who single-handedly teaches "NaPak" a lesson.

Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab aka MSG Lionheart 2 is the fourth film in the MSG film series. And like all his previous films, HKNKJ also is written, acted, directed etc etc by Gurmeet Ram Raheem Singh Insan. He has 42 credits to his name! He does the batting, bowling, fielding, keeping, umpiring all by himself. And viewing?  obviously will be done by others. So let's find out in this review what the new MSG film has got to offer.

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Hind Ka NaPak Ko Jawab Movie Review

Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab HKNKJ Review | Analysis

Hind Ka NaPak Ko Jawab is based on "Surgical Strikes" by the Indian Army. And as the name suggests, you get to see Gurmeet Ram Raheem's own version of "Surgical Strikes" in this uber-patriotic film. In HKNKJ, he is India's special agent 'Sher-E-Hind' who leads the surgical strikes.

Along with the main storyline, HKNKJ also has subplots that showcase Baba's romantic side, skill sets, power and intellect. As with his previous films, HKNKJ is wayward, but it is hilariously wayward and full of surprises. You never know which scene is going to hit next! Each and every scene of Hind Ka Napak ko Jawab has its own amazing quality that you can't help noticing it. The absolute hilarity in the making, dialogues, stunts, scenes, props and costumes is so evident that you will find yourself extremely amused.

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Action scenes and stunts in HKNKJ will put any action film to shame. Take for example, 'Sher-E-Hind' flies helicopters using a Playstation joystick and he uses the same joystick to cause explosions that kills his enemies! And he rides motorbikes with turbine engines and drives (also flies) cars with chopper blades.

He jumps from his helicopter that is several feet high up in the air and lands safely! Parachute? give that to losers! And to top that he calls himself 'Insaan' makes me feel low :(

'Sher-E-Hind' has all the impossible machines at his disposal and he plays with them in unthinkable ways and that quite obviously has disastrous results on his enemies. Clearly, those enemies stand no chance against 'Sher-E-Hind'.

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'Sher-E-Hind' is a very charismatic person and he blows everyone out with his ultra vibrant personality. And women just can't help themselves swooning over him. His biceps, mustaches and hairdos have an effect similar to that of Axe deodorants.

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Baba Gurmeet Ram Raheem Insaan doesn't give two hoots about being politically correct, he speaks his mind out through his film without any hesitation and makes his point loud (very very loud infact) and clear(?). And all his points are in-your-face. Take that!

Music, cinematography and visual effects are just okay. Watching Hind Ka NaPak Ko Jawab is one hell of an experience. And guess what? There is one more MSG film to come!! Yeah, bring it on!

If you haven't got the stomach for films that offer trashy entertainment and if you easily get offended, I suggest you not to go anywhere near the theatre. And if you are anywhere near the theatre by chance, the strong aura of MSG is going to subconsciously pull you and you will find yourself inside the theatre watching this film! For others, you just cannot miss this film. This is once in a lifetime experience. Believe me, once you watch this film, you'll thank me profusely for making you to go through this.

Hind Ka NaPak Ko Jawab is an absolute masterpiece, that requires special set of skills to make, that only Baba MSG has. A must watch for MSG fans. HKNKJ is a complete entertainer tailor-made for his fans.

Rating - 5/5! Yeah! that's right.

- Prashanth

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