Trunk Kannada Movie Review: Trunk is a Decent Horror Film

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Trunk Kannada Movie Review

Trunk is a Horror-Thriller film directed by Rishika Sharma, who is debuting with this film as a director. The trailer of 'Trunk' looked fairly promising, and being a fan of Horror-Thriller genre I decided to watch 'Trunk'. So, did 'Trunk' live up to my expectations? Read on to find out!

'Trunk' starts off by saying that it is inspired by real life events that happened in North Karnataka, and it is "Based on True Stories". The film begins with a group of ghost hunters searching an abandoned house in Bangalore at 3AM. Then we are introduced to the lead character, Rahul, who is a horror movie buff and his mother is fed up with him watching horror movies. Rahul frequently experiences nightmares and strange activities around him. Rahul narrates it to his Psychologist friend, who blames it on him watching too many horror movies and suggests him to get married. Rahul marries his girlfriend Harini in an interfaith marriage, and Harini moves into Rahul's house along with an age-old trunk. And from there things start to go bad for Rahul and his mother. Is the age-old trunk responsible? or is it something/someone else? Watch the film to find out! Story of the film is actually good and the 'Trunk' team could have made it more interesting.

Trunk starts well steadily, and it manages to set the mood and also succeeds in getting you involved initially. But after the first 30 minutes the movie slowly begins to lose its steam and starts to fizzle out. After the first half hour 'Trunk' struggles to move forward and the movie just starts to stagnate, not going anywhere. Some portions of the film feel disjointed and lack coherency; they just feel like compilation of scenes than a smooth forward moving narration. Narration particularly suffers after the point where the female lead character in the film is asked out for psychiatric counselling. This muddled screenplay affects 'Trunk', which had so much potential, from being effective and enjoyable.

The high point of the film is where Rahul goes to meet the "TRAPS Ghost Hunters" with his problem of paranormal activities in his house. From there the film fails to take off and keeps on going round in circles. Even though 'Trunk' starts well it doesn't upsurge its narration and just goes flat. It struggles to keep the audience engaged and curious. When Rahul's mother-in-law reveals the suspense, I expected the film to become more intense leading to the climax, because the flashback portion was smoothly and effectively narrated. But it did not happen and there is very little build-up to the climax.

The part of ghost hunters "investigating" the house, should have been before the flashback portion. It would have made the "investigation" look more interesting, because after the flashback story, when you know that there is a ghost and someone is indeed possessed, there is no point in investigating and just feels boring, even though the investigation did unveil something else.

The scene where an old trunk scares the lead character's mother when she is alone in her house is particularly good and is well made. The fear of unknown works very well, and the character feeling scared and threatened also translates on to the audience.

Some of the horror scenes are well shot. But some just fall flat. You just don't feel scared when none of the characters in the film are feeling threatened and are having a pep talk with the ghost. The audience sees that they have no reason to be scared apart from the scary looking makeup. Spirit/Ghost at the end of the film feels less menacing and it doesn't create any trouble for any one, and calmly vacates the place! The ghost did a good job in the first half, but it became lazy and very uninterested in scaring people in the second half. And because the ghost doesn't offer any resistance to the efforts of the characters to get rid of it, it makes the climax less interesting and you are just waiting for the obvious to happen.

'Trunk' manages to create wonderful atmosphere for its horror scenes. And the cinematography is consistently good as well. The low-angle shots and the unusual camera angles add to mood of the film and help make the film effective. In some of the shots, I thought the lighting was a little too low. The lead actors and the main supporting cast have done a good job. The background score is decent. There are only two songs in the film. The first song is good and also gels with the flow of the movie because it tells the story along with it. The second song only helps to drag the film further.

Bottomline: Overall, Trunk is a decent film, which could have been better.

Rating - 2.5/5

- Trunk movie review written by Prashanth.

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