Natasaarvabhowma Movie Review: A Clean And Balanced Entertainer

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Natasarvabhouma Movie Review

Predictable Yet Pleasant.

Natasarvabhouma Kannada Movie Review

Natasarvabhowma starts with a pacy segment involving an action sequence, which gives the film a good thumping start. The first segment of the film introduces us to a central minister known as Ghanshyam Yadav (Ravishankar), whose convoy is attacked on the highway by a group of armed men. Later on, a young journalist, Gagan Dixit (Puneet Rajkumar), finds out the truth behind the attacks and gets it published in the news paper where he works.

The film then slowly settles down and takes a drop in its pace, in an attempt to put a foundation for the unfolding of the events in the second half. But only a few segments succeed in doing so, as others come across as fillers. The segments involving Rachita Ram, and her father are slightly stretched, and add nothing much to the film as a whole. But, even with its forced and stretched segments, the film quite succeeds in getting things going and setting up a decent-good platform for the film to take-off in the second half of the film. And the story has a ghost/spirit angle as well. The lead character in the film is nicely developed, which makes the character believable, and also lifts the movie.

The story of Natasarbhouma is neatly narrated from the start to the finish, even with its unwanted and stretched sequences, which increase the runtime of the film. But the neat storytelling makes the film totally watchable. The narration is linear, except for a flashback in the second half.

Natasarbhouma has a non-rushed approach, which makes it a relaxing watch and easy to follow. And the movie ends on a high note with a nicely shot climax, which gives a feeling of an overall satisfactory watch. The climax portion could have been more effective and intense, but it is good enough.

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Unlike, Puneet and Pavan Wadeyar's last film, RanaVikrama, which was an unwatchable insufferable film; Natasarvabhowma, is a pleasant surprise coming from the same director. RanaVikrama's story lacked depth, common sense and some basic minimum research. The entire film was an unfunny joke. Natasarvabhowma, however, has a proper depth to its story and characters, and takes itself quite seriously. Pavan Wadeyar has corrected most of his mistakes, and seems to have resisted his temptations to go over-the-top. But, even Natasarvabhowma's story has its share of loopholes and lack of basic research, but it is not bothersome, and are forgivable. The movie takes a lot of cinematic liberties, but they quite add to the entertainment quotient of the film. The comedy part is kept under check, and is made sure that it doesn't overshadow the film's main plot.  And as expected, the film has its share of  hero-worshiping.

Natasarbhouma gets quite stagnated at times, going nowhere, but the nature of the story and the neat performances keep you engaged. But, because the certain aspects of the film are quite predictable, it does get boring sometimes. You could see most of the things coming. But the final climax revelation may surprise you.

Natasarvabhowma is a clean entertainer, and is largely devoid of vulgar dialogues and scenes. And, there are no 'Item songs'. The film includes elements catering to a broad section of the audience, and it should be able to do well at both the multiplexes and the single screens. If you are planning to take your family to this film, you can go ahead without any doubts.

Puneet Rajkumar does a good job playing his role of a journalist and makes it completely believable. Rachita Ram does well in a role that has limited scope and importance in the film. Director, Pawan Wadeyar, has shown good improvements from his previous films.

Overall, Natasaarvabhowma is a clean and a balanced entertainer, which is predictable yet pleasant.

Rating - 3/5

- Review by Aditya.

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