Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy Hindi Day 1 Box Office Collection Prediction and Screen Count

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Sye Raa Box Office Prediction

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Sye Raa Hindi Day 1 Collection Prediction | Analysis

The big-budget multi-starrer Telugu magnum-opus, 'Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy', that has been in the making for a long period, is finally releasing pan-India on Oct 2nd on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, which is a National Holiday all across the country. Apart from the original Telugu version, the film is dubbed into four other languages namely Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi, and the Hindi dubbed version of the film is being distributed by Anil Thadani's AA Films. In this post, we analyse the box office prospects of the Hindi version of the film, and predict the opening day numbers.

The film is releasing on a National holiday, and National holidays in the past have proved to boost the collections of the films to a significant level specially if they happen to be big-star or big-budgeted films. And, after the box office successes of the Hindi dubbed versions of the Bahubali series, KGF and Saaho, the southern films have a new-found market in the north that they are trying to tap-in. The casting of 'Sye Raa' itself indicates, which has stars from Bollywood and several other regional film industries, that the makers wanted their film to have a pan-India appeal right from the beginning. The film has been mounted on a huge scale; and if we go by the trailer of the film, 'Sye Raa' looks to be really well-shot and a grandly made film which has the potential to bring a big chunk of Hindi movie-goers to the cinemas if it gets the positive audience word-of-mouth.

But, 'Sye Raa' is going up against the Bollywood biggie, 'War', which has generated a huge buzz and is being touted as a potential record-breaker at the box office. Still, 'Sye Raa' is expected to get a good number of screens in Hindi even with the clash against 'War', all thanks to Anil Thadani. (UPDATE: Sye Raa has only around an estimated ~850 screens for its Hindi version.) And, honestly it is 'Sye Raa' which is eating into 'War's screen space and invading into 'War's market space/territory, and not the other way round. In fact, the clash with 'War' has actually got the film a good amount of publicity among the Hindi audience, and the clash might actually prove to be beneficial for the Hindi version of the film. Remember, 'KGF' was released against Shahrukh Khan's 'Zero' by Anil Thadani.

'Sye Raa' is a period action-drama unlike the recently released 'Saaho' which was a mass masala action film, therefore 'Sye Raa' won't see a huge opening in Hindi like 'Saaho' did. And, also the lead actor of 'Sye Raa', Chiranjeevi, doesn't have the same level of popularity with the Hindi audience that actor Prabhas had during Saaho. Therefore, any huge opening or even a double digit figure on Day 1 is very unlikely. Instead, the opening will be more sedate, probably on the lines of Bahubali part 1; and the film will have to build-on later based on the audience word-of-mouth. The Day 1 collections will be HUGE in the southern states, but the Hindi version may collect just under 5 crores on its first day at the box office. We still have to get the advance booking data, but right now, we think the opening day numbers for Hindi version of 'Sye Raa' will be around 3-5 crore mark.

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Sye Raa Hindi Screen Count Estimates

Total Screen Count - Around an expected ~1800 screens all across India for the Hindi version.

UPDATE: Sye Raa has around an estimated ~850 screens for its Hindi version, less than whet we had expected before.

Sye Raa 1st Day Collection Prediction

Day 1 (Wednesday): 3-5 cr.

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