Malang Advance Booking Report: Day 1 Booking Full Report

Malang Advance Booking Report Poster Exclusive: 'Malang' Day 1 Advance Booking Details

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Release Date: 07 February 2020 (Friday)
Language: Hindi
Runtime: 134 Minutes
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
Censor Certification: A
Screen Count Estimate in India: See Malang Screen Count.

The following advance booking numbers are for DAY 1 (Friday, 07 Feb).

Report last updated on 06 Feb, 09:20 PM IST

Region Theaters Shows Seats Booked /
Delhi NCR 100 695 09.6%
Mumbai 118 782 08.3%
Pune 41 280 08.2%
Bengaluru 45 189 11.1%
Hyderabad 44 183 18.3%
Kolkata 47 223 06.4%
Ahmedabad 39 308 06.3%
Patna 05 26 16.5%
Lucknow 16 127 11.4%
Bhopal 12 78 07.3%
Jaipur 18 118 07.1%
Bhubhaneswar 07 49 11.8%
Chennai 18 45 25.6%
Chandigarh 15 97 06.2%
Total from 14 Places 525 3200

Advance Booking Recorded as on 06 Feb 2020, 09:20 PM: The advance booking for 'Malang' has received only a lukewarm response for the first day. The film has got enough number of screens and shows allotted for itself on Day 1, which is more than enough for the film, if we look at its opening potential and hype/buzz. Going by the advance booking figures, 'Malang's first day box office collection can be around 6-7 crores.

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Report last updated on 05 Feb, 09:30 PM IST

Region Theaters Shows Seats Booked /
Delhi NCR 52 306 09.0%
Mumbai 67 409 05.2%
Pune 22 152 06.3%
Bengaluru 12 39 0.90%
Hyderabad 23 81 10.5%
Kolkata 36 172 03.5%
Ahmedabad 14 99 02.7%
Patna 04 18 11.5%
Lucknow 09 46 04.3%
Bhopal 07 38 05.0%
Jaipur 10 50 03.4%
Bhubhaneswar 05 31 06.8%
Chennai 15 38 15.7%
Chandigarh 08 51 04.2%
Total from 14 Places 284 1530

Advance Booking Recorded as on 05 Feb 2020, 09:30 PM: The advance booking for 'Malang' has received a lukewarm response so far for the first day. Most of the shows that are open for advance booking have only been opened today, mostly after evening. The shows are still getting added, and the advance booking is yet to open in a lot of screens/shows. 'Malang' is comparatively the biggest release of the week, and it will easily get the desired number of screens and shows. A more clearer picture about advance booking will be available tomorrow. We will once again update this advance booking report tomorrow, so make sure you come back for the updated report. Our next update will be on 06 Feb, before 10:00 PM.

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What Do These Numbers Mean?

Wondering what these advance booking figures mean? Here's how to read it.

Theatres - Number of properties/cinemas | They are NOT number of screens. Both multiplex cinemas and single screen cinemas are counted as one property/cinema.

Shows - Total number of shows from all the properties.

Seats Booked - Percentage seats booked per show. Or in other words, average per show occupancy expressed in percentage. For example, let's assume that there are 4 shows and each show has a seating capacity of 100. And, Show One - 25 seats booked, Show Two - 10 seats booked, Show Three - 30 seats booked and Show Four - 5 seats booked. So, the average percentage occupancy(seats booked) per show is 17.5%. Even though the number of tickets sold is directly proportional to occupancy, there are other factors/variables that influence the occupancy%. As the seating capacity per show increases, the occupancy percentage usually comes down. For example, 'Audi One' with a seating capacity of 800 and 200 tickets sold has an occupancy of 25%, and 'Audi Two' a with seating capacity of 200 and 140 tickets sold has an occupancy of 70%. On the surface, if we go by the occupancy%, 'Audi Two' appears to have sold more number of tickets, but it is 'Audi One' which has more tickets sold but shows lesser occupancy% because of its larger denominator. So, the average seats per show has an influence on the occupancy%. And, as the seats in all cinema halls of all places are not same/constant, places/cities with higher average seats per hall/auditorium will show less occupancy compared to places/cities with lower average seats per hall/auditorium. But, as the theaters/cinemas are mostly going to be the same for all the movies, we can compare these figures to the figures of the previous films to interpret and arrive at a conclusion.

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