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Total Dhamaal Review Roundup

Consensus - Mediocre

Total Dhamaal is a comedy film starring Ajay Devgn, Riteish Deshmukh, Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit. Total Dhamaal is directed by Indra Kumar. The film released on 22nd February 2019, certified 'U' with the runtime of 130 minutes. Here we bring you all the critic reviews and ratings of Total Dhamaal. We will keep updating this post as new critic reviews come in. SEE - Total Dhamaal Advance Booking Report

Total Dhamaal Critic Reviews & Ratings

However, the fact that the film is slapstick is not a problem, what brings it down is poor writing and execution.

  • News18 | Review By - Rajeev Masand | Rating-1.5/5
From multiple remix songs, to the low-IQ racist and sexist humour, and a reliance on familiar gags and tropes, this is lazy, cynical filmmaking.

Brainless comedies can be a lot of fun, but they need to be written with smarts. Here, the CGI animals (the climactic chunk of the film is set in a zoo) have more effect than the humans.

  • NDTV | Review By - Saibal Chatterjee | Rating-1/5
Total Dhamaal is total duh: a slapstick caper that lurches from one brainless gag to another as a bunch of grownups stop at nothing to outdo each other in making utter fools of themselves.

Some actors stand for quality. Ayushmann Khurrana, for instance, distinguishes himself from his peers through his discretion in picking scripts. Having Khurrana on the poster makes us expect something unique and intelligent. By that measure, Ajay Devgn is the Anti-Khurrana.

  • Rediff | Review By - Sukanya Verma | Rating-2/5
Total Dhamaal would be unwatchable without Madhuri's spunk and bossy swag playing off Anil Kapoor's bellyaching, bugged half's protests.

  • Mid Day | Review By - Mayank Shekhar | Rating-2/5
Would Total Dhamaal, in a language you didn't understand, be watchable still? Technically there is hardly a plot/story. So you'll follow what's going on, regardless.

Total Dhamaal is a one-time watch but only when it airs on TV on a Sunday afternoon when you can’t seem to find the remote to turn it off.

  • First Post | Review By - Udita Jhunjhunwala | Rating-1/5
It took a headlining cast of eight to make the posters look good but even they could not make this asinine comedy, with the occasional laugh, tolerable.

  • DNA | Review By - Meena Iyer | Rating-2.5/5
If you're in the mood to laugh-out-loud, give this one a try. But be warned, laughter comes with a price!

TOTAL DHAMAAL is a 'leave-your-brains-behind-at-home' entertainer with its share of funny moments. If you are not looking for wisdom and rationale in a light-hearted entertainer, then this movie is definitely for you.

  • Gulf News | Review By - Manjusha Radhakrishnan | Rating-2.5/5
While the first half where the crazy bunch try to find their way towards the hidden stash is enjoyable, the second half set mostly in a zoo falters considerably.

Overall Average Rating - 1.8/5

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