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Robot 2.0 is a Joy Ride

Robot 2.0 Movie Review (Contains Spoilers)

Robot 2.0 is a science-fiction film directed by Shankar, and is a sequel to the 2010 film Robot/Enthiran. 2.0 stars Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson in the lead roles. The release of 2.0 was delayed several times, but it finally got released this Thursday. The trailer of 2.0 was quite a polarizing one, with some people really liking the trailer, while some totally hating it. But, how does the film fare? Let's find out in this review. Read on.

The story of 2.0 is about one Dr. Pakshirajan (Akshay Kumar), professor of ornithology and an avid bird lover, who is depressed about the electro magnetic radiation from the mobile phone towers causing avian death. With all his efforts going in vain, and unable to do anything to prevent bird deaths, he commits suicide by hanging himself on a mobile phone tower. From the next day following his death, thousands of mobile phones start disappearing across the state. Deaths of cell phone dealers, mobile company owners and telecom minister leads to the resurrection of robot "Chitti" to stop the force causing this. Will Chitti and Dr. Vasigaran (Rajinikanth) be able to stop this unseen force? Watch the movie to find out.

2.0 gets down to business right from the start without wasting any time. The narration is engaging, maintains a good pace and doesn't deviate. The action sequences, specially in the first half are well executed and are a delight to watch on screen  And the action should have gotten better in the second half, but it doesn't, sometimes it ends up being silly. But the action in second half is still decent and entertaining, but it doesn't impress you, because you have seen better choreographed action in the first half. But 2.0 keeps you interested and the film sticks to its track from the start till the end. It has no songs & dance serving as a distraction. And there is never really a dull moment in the film.

First half till the interval is absolutely engrossing and sets up a nice platform for the second half to take off. But the unveiling of the mystery and the finding of a solution to it, happens too early in the film (at the end of the first half). I feel the film should have held back the portion for a little longer to make the super villain 'Bird Man' more menacing and threatning. This rushing through makes the segment slightly ineffective, and feels undercooked. And the theory behind the genesis of super villain 'Bird Man' is such bullshit, that it takes its toll on the 'Bird Man' character. And you are not sure of what he is. Whether he is an aura? or negative energy? or simply a ghost? Because 'Pakshi Manav' could control only mobile phones and not other objects; he can possess human beings as well (He possesses Dr. Vasigaran in the film at one point). The movie doesn't explain or dwell deeper into it. I think the writters should have thought of something better, something new to explain the Bird Man's origin. But because the film is fiction, you just accept the theory and move forward. And since the film is thoroughly entertaining, you don't care as much either.

The second half starts with the backstory of Dr. Pakshirajan aka Birdman, of how he was stillborn (born dead) and how a CPR from a small bird brings him back to life! Birdman's backstory only creates a soft corner and sympathy for the character, and makes him less ominous. You don't really want him to be beaten as much you wanted earlier. But the film then again tries to make 'Bird Man' a more threatning character towards the climax, by making him kill 'Chitti' and attempting to kill thousands of people. Now that Chitti is dead, Robot 2.0, the horny and evil version of 'Chitti', takes Chitti's place and destroys 'Bird Man'.

The special effects in Robot 2.0 are well done and are totally up to the mark. There is never a moment in the film where you feel that the VFX are sub par. VFX are far better than the 2010 prequel 'Robot'. And 2.0 is also a better film compared to the mediocre 'Robot'/'Enthiran'.

One of the best things about 2.0 is its exemplary cinematography. The impeccable camera work makes the film much more enjoyable. The dialogues are good, but sometimes they fall flat, and are silly. The background music is consistently good. Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar have done an amazing job with respect to their roles, and it shows on the screen. Amy Jackson does well, even though she doesn't have much scope with her role.

2.0 right from the beginning is a wholesome entertainer and is a roller coaster ride which should be relished on the big screen.

Overall, Robot 2.0 is a beautifully shot magnificent paisa vasool entertainer, that is well worth a watch. Just sit back and enjoy. Watch in 3D.

Rating - 4/5

- Review by Aditya.

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