2.0 Movie Review: 2.0 is a Visually Appealing Film

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Robot 2.0 Movie Review

The much awaited sci-fi thriller '2.0' finally released today. The film has Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar playing the lead roles. We watched the film first day first show, and will tell you how good the film is, in this review. Read on.

2.0 is a battle between the cellphone snatching supervillain 'Pakshirajan' and super-robot 'Chitti' version 2.0. Who will win the battle? Birdman Pakshirajan or Robot 2.0? Watch the film to find out.

2.0 is engrossing and thoroughly entertaining, even though some aspects of the plot are unconvincing, silly and could be called nonsense. But the grandiose visuals that the film offers makes you forgive the few shortcomings of the plot. The 3D is neat and well done. 2.0 is in fact the best 3D film that India has produced. Since it has been shot directly using a 3D camera, and not converted to 3D afterwards (like Padmavati). And the special effects are impressive and are delightful to watch.

2.0 promptly focuses on the story right from the start and maintains a good pace throughout the film, except for a couple of segments in the second half. There are no songs & dance hindering the pace of the film. The narration smoothly moves forward along with the good screenplay. And 2.0 is a well edited film as well.

The first half serves as a prelude to the second half, and for the final showdown between Birdman and Robot 2.0. The first half has the Birdman snatching mobile phones and killing people who provide mobile phones & services; and the revival of the dismantled robot 'Chitti'. The second half starts with the backstory of Birdman and ends with the Robot 2.0 vs Birdman battle.

The death sequences involving mobile phones in the first half are effective, convincing and are well shot. The action sequences between the army and the Birdman are well choreoghaphed, with good graphics and camera work; and are a captivating watch on the big screen. But the 'postive energy rays hitting Birdman' action scene at the end of the first half is ineffective and falls flat, and loses the focus at some point as well. The segment was hurried and was half-baked. But the CGI and the VFX were consistently good throughout the film even whenever the action scenes were mediocre. In fact compared to any Indian film, Robot 2.0 has the best special effects.

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The rise of the 'Pakshirajan' aka 'Birdman' is carefully constructed, and the character has been thoroughly developed. In fact 'Pakshirajan' is the central character around which the film is built. So it was neccesary to have his character properly developed, even though it slightly takes down the pace; but those segments have been interestingly narrated.

2.0 can in fact be called a fantasy science-fiction, because of some of the plot points in film. Like for example - Pakshirajan is a born dead baby (still birth). But a small bird flies into the maternity ward, sits on the baby and strikes its beak against the baby's chest. And Pakshirajan is again alive! - This could not happen in real life. This is fantasy-fiction.

And because a bird saves his life (gives him another life, in fact) Pakshirajan devotes his entire life towards saving birds. Otherwise how else would you make a person dedicate his life to someone? You make him save his life, simple. Years later, Pakshirajan is an Ornithology (study of birds) professor and a passionate bird lover. But, the disappearance and the death of the birds due to mobile tower radiation disturbs him. He makes immense efforts to save the birds, but all in vain. Dejected and disheartened, Pakshirajan commits suicide.

Pakshirajan's story makes us to sympathise with the character. Pakshirajan is not evil, but a good-hearted man. So, you may not feel bad when he comes back as a bhoot / negative energy, and eliminates corrupt cellphone company owners, ministers and crazy sons of dead crazy scientists (Bohra). But when Pakshirajan's bhoot wants to kill every human being, you know it's time to eliminate the bhoot using Dr.Vasikaran mantra, i.e the Robot 2.0.

The climax of 2.0 is set in a football field, where there is enough space for two huge metal monsters to slug it out. Robot 2.0 ji assumes the same shapes of sphere, cage etc like he did in 2010. May be he ran out of ideas, or may be he likes those shapes very much. Robot 2.0 sprays bullets everywhere 360° like a madman, not bothering about the frightened nervous crowd present there. Fully aware that destroying the mega mass of cellphones won't kill Pakshiraj's bhoot! But, let's just have some fun, right? ek do dus bees mar jayenge toh kya farak padta hai? And after Robot 2.0 has had enough with the fun, he blackmails Birdman by threatning him to kill all his beloved birds (pehle kyun nahi kiya bhai? why din't he do it earlier!? But what's the fun in that?) and makes Pakshirajan fly towards maut ka kuwa for his antim sanskar. RIP Birdman. The End.

Robot 2.0 is a totally entertaining film. The film is a visual spectacle and is thoroughly enjoyable. Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar have done a good job. One of the best things about '2.0' is its amazing camera work.

Overall, 2.0 is an elegantly shot film and is completely entertaining. Watch in 3D for the best experience.

Rating - 3.5/5

- Prashanth

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