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The first day advance ticket booking for the film 'Dream Girl' has been decent-good. Delhi NCR has the best 1st day advance ticket sales for 'Dream Girl' as around ~17.8% seats are booked from 727 shows (at the time of our report). Hyderabad and Bangalore have 23.4% and 22.2% tickets sold from 172 and 177 shows respectively (at the time of our report). We expected the advance for 'Dream Girl' to be slightly better, but the current advance booking is good enough for the film to take a good opening tomorrow. The advance booking figures are slightly better than the recently released film 'Chhichhore' and less than 'Super 30'.

Going by the advance booking figures, the first day box office collection of 'Dream Girl' can be around 8-10 crores, and can go beyond the 11 crore mark depending on the walk-ins/spot bookings tomorrow.

Scroll down to the bottom of the article for detailed region-wise theater count, show count, screen count and advance booking figures in the table below.

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'Dream Girl' is another unorthodox fresh concept comedy film featuring actor Ayushhmann Khurranna; the actor who has carved-out a niche for himself with his unusual selection of films, and each of his films are quite different from each other. So, obviously, Dream Girl which has an 'Ayushhmann Khurranna Film' branding, has high expectations both from the audience and the trade. 'Dream Girl' has managed to get a good number of screens for its release even with an already successfully running film, 'Chhichhore', at the box office, and simultaneous releases like 'Section 375' and 'Pehlwaan'. 'Chhichhore' has managed to retain a good chunk of its screens by virtue of its strong performance at the box office, and it will be 'Chhichhore' which is going to be the main competitor to 'Dream Girl'. But, the competition from 'Chhichhore' will be mostly limited to multiplexes, and ' Dream Girl' will easily gain the upper hand at the single screens. But, the fact is that there is enough screen space and enough days for both the film to perform at the box office as there are only a few smaller releases in between till 'War' releases on 2nd October. If the film finds appreciation from the audience, it will be another HIT for Ayusshmann Khurranna.

Release Date: 13 September 2019 (Friday)
Language: Hindi
Runtime: 132 Minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Censor Certification: U/A
Screen Count Estimate in India: 2600 Approx.

The following advance booking numbers are for DAY 1 ( Friday, 13 Sep).

Report last updated on 12 Sep 09:30 PM IST.

Region Theaters Shows Seats Booked
Bengaluru 39 177 22.2%
Mumbai 118 829 11.5%
Delhi NCR 104 727 17.8%
Pune 41 308 11.5%
Hyderabad 41 172 23.4%
Ahmedabad 35 240 6.8%
Patna 04 16 18.6%
Chennai 23 59 23.8%
Kochi 05 07 19.5%
Kolkata 49 234 6.2%
Jaipur 17 123 11.6%
Lucknow 13 102 14.7%
Bhopal 12 75 9.2%
Chandigarh 13 106 9.5%
Total from 14 Places 514 3175
Total Estimated Screens India ~2600

The total number of screens for 'Dream Girl' as on Day 1 (Friday) is around an estimated ~2600 all across India.

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