Bala Movie Day-wise Box Office Collection Report, Screen Count and Budget

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Bala Box Office Collection

Bala; HIT or FLOP?

Bala Total Box Office Collection Till Date

'Bala' is now the biggest box office release in actor Ayushman Khurana's career. His previous film, 'Dream Girl', was released in around ~2600 screens, while 'Bala' is released in close to ~3000 screens across India. The overall first day collection of 'Bala' is very similar to 'Dream Girl'. While 'Bala' has performed slightly better than 'Dream Girl' at the multiplexes, 'Dream Girl' was better than 'Bala' at the single screens.

Bala Day-wise Box Office Collection Breakdown

Timeline India Bangalore
Day 1 (Fri) 8.75 0.35
Day 2 (Sat) 13.75 0.65
Day 3 (Sun) 16.00 0.75
1st Weekend Total 38.50 cr. 1.75 cr.
Day 4 (Mon) 7.45 0.28
Day 5 (Tue)* 8.65 0.30
Day 6 (Wed) 4.95 0.20
Day 7 (Thu) 5.10 0.20
1st Week Total 64.65 cr. 2.73 cr.
Day 8 (Fri) 3.40 0.15
Day 9 (Sat) 5.75 0.20
Day 10 (Sun) 7.25 0.25
2nd Weekend Total 16.40 cr. 0.60 cr.
Day 11 (Mon) 2.15 0.10
Total So Far 83.20 cr. 3.43 cr.

*Partial Holiday (Gurunanak Jayanti)

Bala Screen Count as on Day 1

Total Screens - Around an estimated ~3000 screens all across India on Day 1.

'Bala' was released alongside two other Hindi movies, 'Bypass Road' and 'Satellite Shankar'. While 'Bala' got the bulk of the screens this Friday, the other two films got less than 600 screens per film. Unlike 'Bala', they weren't much anticipated films, hence the small-scaled release, and their meagre first day collections further establishes our observation.

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Bala Movie Budget

Budget - Around an estimated ~30 crores (CoP + P&A)


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