Shivaay Movie Review: Colossal Mess!

Shivaay Movie Review: Colossal Mess!

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Movie Review Shivaay

Shivaay Hindi Movie Review

Ajay Devgn's Diwali release Shivaay is an action, adventure drama film. Shivaay is directed by Ajay Devgn with himself playing the lead role.

Trailer of Shivaay made some great noise and was well appreciated. But the songs did not create the same buzz. Let's find out how the movie is, in this review of Shivaay.

Shivaay(Ajay Devgn) is a mountaineer and lives a peaceful life. While helping people climb mountains, he falls in love with a tourist girl Olga, from Bulgaria. Love blossoms between the two and Olga unwillingly gives birth to Shivaay's child and leaves for Bulgaria. The child is named Gaura, and she cannot speak. Years after, Gaura now wants to see her mother. And both father and daughter go on a mission to find her. Turbulence strikes his peaceful life, when his daughter gets 'Taken' in Bulgaria. How Shivaay saves his daughter and destroys those who have 'taken' her, forms the rest of the story.

The story surely sounds interesting but is not that well knitted. It's all over the place, it's disjointed. And it has its share of loopholes and loose ends.

Shivaay takes its own time to get going. The first half is slow and the movie slowly picks up pace towards the interval. Even in second half Shivaay becomes stagnant at times.

Acting-wise Ajay Devgn does a good job; wish I could say the same about his direction. Weak direction bottlenecks the movie from going into its full potential and Shivaay gets stuck in mediocrity. Rest of the cast do justice to their respective roles.

Music also is just average; The background score is fine, it's those songs which make Shivaay a tiresome watch.  The songs appear like speed-breakers in an already slow movie, making Shivaay more tedious.

Shivaay Movie Review Shivaay Review

Good thing about Shivaay is its excellent cinematography and visuals. The locations are beautiful and  are well captured. Action scenes and stunts are well choreographed and makes you feel better when they finaly hit the screen. No doubt Shivaay is a good looking film, but just good looks aren't enough to make you sit through the entire film. What lets down Shivaay, is the weak direction, sloppy screenplay and mediocre music. And the runtime of close to 3 hours, does not help the cause either.

Shivaay is a well intended film. Lot of hard work has gone into making Shivaay. But the movie just doesn't pack the punch that it should have. Shivaay had all the potential to become a great film.

Shivaay can be watched once. Go watch Shivaay, if you are impressed by its trailer. If you are a Ajay Devgn fan, then I am sure you definitely wouldn't want to miss Shivaay; So buy your tickets and enjoy the film.

Rating - 2.5/5

- Prashanth

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