Last Bus Movie Review: A Lost Chance

Last Bus Movie Review: A Lost Chance

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Last Bus Kannada Movie

Last Bus Kannada Movie Review

Last Bus is a horror thriller film directed by S D Aravinda, who earlier directed 'Jugaari'. Apart from Prakash Belawadi, most of the other actors in this film are newcomers. Let's find out how the film is, in this review. But if you haven't watched and intend to watch this film, I suggest you scroll down to the bottom paragraph of this review, as this review contains spoilers.

Last Bus is about a group of people who board a bus to reach their respective destinations and end up in a lone abandoned house in the middle of a jungle.

Last Bus starts with a guy who is separated from his trekking team and catches the "Last Bus" from that place to reach Bangalore. On the way, other characters of the movie board the bus. And each one of them have their own stories, as why they should reach the their destination desperately. On the way a huge fallen tree trunk blocks their road, which forces them to take another route that goes through a dense forest. The driver of the bus is very sceptical about taking that route and cautions against it, because he had heard stories about people disappearing in that forest and never coming back. But he is forced into taking that route by rest of crew. Things go wrong and all of them end up in an old abandoned house. What happens next, forms the rest of the film.

The film actually starts well, and succeeds in laying a good foundation for the story to build on. The film does take time initially to get going, and also goes a little overboard with the personal stories of individual characters. But 'Last Bus' slowly starts to get interesting from the mid part of the first half and keeps you hooked till the interval. Just a few minutes into the second half, and the film starts to lose the plot. Some of the portions of the second half wander endlessly without any direction and get repetitive. There is actually an interesting plot twist in the second half, but it is undone by poor narration and muddled screenplay.

Last Bus becomes an increasingly exhausting and a frustrating watch towards its climax. Even after the film ends, Last Bus doesn't answer all the questions that it raised and the film lacks clarity.  But, honestly you don't care and just want to leave the hall. Last Bus could have been an excellent film, but just ends being mediocre. It couldn't convert a good story into a good film.

Good things about 'Last Bus' are its cinematography and locations. Some of the shots are really well done. The sets and the props are good. It is the camera work, background score and some of the horror scenes that really lift 'Last Bus', and make it watchable in the second half. And all the actors have done a decent job.

Not recommended, but you can watch 'Last Bus' as a timepass film.

Rating - 2.5/5

- Review by Aditya.

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