Operation Alamelamma Movie Review: Keeps You Guessing Till The End

Operation Alamelamma Kannada Movie

Operation Alamelamma Kannada Movie Review

Operation Alamelamma is a suspense thriller directed by 'Simple Suni' of 'Simple Aag Ond Love Story' fame. Operation Alamelamma is Suni's fourth film as a director and is his first attempt at a suspense thriller film. This film has Rishi and Shraddha Srinath playing the lead roles. So, let's find out how the film is, in this review.

Operation Alamalemma as told earlier, is a suspense thriller that is based on a kidnapping case. The movie starts with a school boy getting kidnapped from his school. The boy's father gets a call from the kidnapper asking for ransom money. A bag full of money is left at the place told by the kidnapper, and the police waits there in disguise to catch the kidnapper. Parmesh, who is fond of branded items spots the apparently abandoned bag and picks it up. Police thinks him to be the kidnapper and catches hold of him. Can Parmesh prove his innocence? Or is he involved with the kidnappers? What happens next forms the rest of the film.

The film is really absorbing from the start till the end and keeps you guessing. Although Operation Alamelamma is a kidnapping story, there is a love story that is carefully and delicately intertwined with the kidnapping one, and runs parallel to it. The love story smoothly flows along and doesn't really come across as an obstacle. It is a very likeable love story and in fact makes you invest yourself more into the film.

Operation Alamelamma has a nonlinear narrative. The lead pair's love story is narrated as a flashback when the male lead character is arrested by the police. Even though the narration is nonlinear, it is gripping and keeps you hooked to the screen. Some of the portions between the lead pair are a little stretched, but they add to the depth of the characters. And the films flows smoothly and is entertaining throughout and never really gets boring.

Operation Alamelamma takes a few cinematic liberties with respect to the plot, but handles them quite well. Climax feels a little unsatisfying, because the film builds up so well until the climax, and the climax isn't really strong. Operation Alamelamma is an intriguing story but the final unravelling of the suspense was a bit of a let-down.

Rishi, who debuted with this film as a lead actor does a really good job at playing Parmesh or Parmi, a vegetable vendor. Shraddha Srinath, who plays school teacher Ananya does a good job as well. Rajesh Nataranga who plays Inspector Ashok and Aruna Balaraj do justice to their roles. Cinematography and Background Music add to the film's engrossing narration. Director Suni, who is also the writer of this film, definitely deserves applause.

Overall, Operation Alamelamma is a well-made film that definitely deserves a watch.

Rating - 4/5

- Review By Aditya

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