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Captain Marvel Box Office Report

Captain Marvel; HIT or FLOP?

Captain Marvel Box Office Collection | Full Details

Captain Marvel had an amazing start to its box office campaign in India on Friday. The film was released on 8 March in India, and in around ~2000 screens all across the country. The film opened to good advance bookings all across the country, specially in the Metros and the Tier-1 cities. Bangalore and Hyderabad led the first day advance bookings with 50% (from 328 shows) and 57% (from 294 shows) seats getting booked (at the time of our booking calculations - 7 March 11:00 PM).

Captain Marvel, riding on the back of good advance bookings and pre-release buzz & interest, took a good solid opening on Day 1 (Fri) at the box office. The film collected around ~15.12 crores on its first day, and took a 10% jump in its collections on Saturday. The Day 2 (Sat) collections of ~16.74 crores took the first-two days total to a good ~31.86 cr.

Even though 'Captain Marvel' is mainly a multiplex film that is primarily targeted towards the audience in the Metros and the Tier-1 cities, where the English language films have a following and the film's fanbase largely resides; the single screens have also done surprisingly well (even with the limited single screen release). The Hindi dubbed version of the film has made a business of almost around 26.5% of the overall collections.

Captain Marvel had a good occupancy rate right from the morning shows, and it grew as the day progressed. The evening and the night shows ran to packed houses at many centres in the Metro cities.

Day 3 Update: Captain Marvel suffered an undesirable slight drop in collections on Sunday. The drop is around 7% from Saturday's collections. The India vs Australia one-day cricket match (which was a very close high-scoring match) appears to have affected the numbers at the box office for Captain Marvel. If not for the cricket match, the film would've easily surpassed the 50 cr. mark at the box office on Sunday. The English version saw the most % drop. The Hindi dubbed version actually saw a slight in growth in collections, and the Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions were flat on Sunday. The first weekend total now stands at ~47.49 crores. We will have to wait and see, how well the film will sustain on Monday and in the weekdays.

Day 4 Update: Captain Marvel saw an around ~60% drop in its collections on Monday. But, because the film had a very good first weekend, the collections on Monday, even after the 60% drop, are still good enough for the movie to sustain for the rest of the week. Captain Marvel collected a decent-good ~6.11 cr. on its fourth day at the box office. The first-four days India box office total now stands at ~53.6 crores.

Captain Marvel Box Office Collection Breakdown | Day-wise

Timeline Collections
Day 1 (Fri) 15.12
Day 2 (Sat) 16.74
Day 3 (Sun) 15.63
1st Weekend Total 47.49 cr.
Day 4 (Mon) 6.11
Day 5 (Tue) 5.56
Day 6 (Wed) 5.18
Day 7 (Thu) 4.65
1st Week Total 68.99 cr.
2nd Week Total 27.37 cr.
3rd Week Total 6.94 cr.
4th Week Total 2.53 cr.
Total So Far 105.83 cr.

Language-wise Collections Breakdown
Timeline English Hindi Tamil Telugu
Day 1 (Fri) 9.95 4.15 0.52 0.5
Day 2 (Sat) 11.41 4.32 0.51 0.5
Day 3 (Sun) 10.01 4.58 0.57 0.47
Day 4 (Mon) 3.71 1.98 0.23 0.19
Day 5 (Tue) 3.25 1.83 0.16 0.32
Day 6 (Wed) 3.12 1.68 0.15 0.29
Day 7 (Thu) 2.87 1.41 0.12 0.19
1st Week Total 44.32 cr. 19.95 cr. 2.26 cr. 2.46 cr.
2nd Week Total 17.97 cr. 8.19 cr. 0.88 cr. 0.33 cr.
3rd Week Total 5.27 cr. 1.44 cr. 0.20 cr. 0.03 cr.
4th Week Total 2.11 cr. 0.4 cr. 0.01 cr. - cr.
Total 69.67 cr. 29.98 cr. 3.35 cr. 2.82 cr.

Region-wise Collections Breakdown
Timeline Bangalore Hyderabad Chennai
Day 1 (Fri) 1.52 0.84 1.57
Day 2 (Sat) 1.87 1.03 2.01
Day 3 (Sun) 1.62 0.87 1.70
Day 4 (Mon) 0.54 0.29 0.58
Day 5 (Tue) 0.57 0.19 0.45
Day 6 (Wed) 0.53 0.35 0.52
Day 7 (Thu) 0.45 0.29 0.47
1st Week Total 7.1 cr. 3.86 cr. 7.3 cr.
2nd Week Total 2.8 cr. 1.51 cr. 2.78 cr.
3rd Week Total 1.02 cr. 0.36 cr. 1.14 cr.
4th Week Total 0.43 cr. 0.1 cr. 0.5 cr.
Total 11.35 cr. 5.83 cr. 11.72 cr.


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