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De De Pyaar De; HIT or FLOP?

De De Pyaar De Box Office Collection Analysis

Ajay Devgn starrer romantic-comedy, 'De De Pyar De', took a decent-good start at the box office. The film collected around an estimated ~8.5 crores on its first day at the box office. The film was expected to collect in double digits at least around the 11 - 12 crore mark on the opening day,  but is well short of that. We had predicted 'De De Pyaar De' to collected around 13 crores on Day 1, but now looking at the actual 1st Day collections, our prediction looks way too optimistic. But, given the well-liked trailer, solo release and the film also features a presumably bigger star, Ajay Devgn; it was fair on our part to expect the film to collect in double digits.

'De De Pyaar De' was unable to live-up to its expectations and its reputation. But, if we take out all the pre-notions, the 8.5 crore opening is good enough for a film of its kind. Sometimes the trade ends-up over-measuring a film's box office potential, or even an actor's box office pull; but, at the end of the day, things always have a way of correcting themselves. The genre and content of this film is similar to the romantic-comedy film 'Luka Chuppi', which also circles around the human relationships. And, Luka Chuppi had also collected a very similar amount on its opening day at the box office. But, we still feel 'De De Pyar De' should have definitely collected more.

'De De Pyaar De' had paid previews on the night of 16th May, a day before the release. The paid previews accounted for around an estimated ~1.25 crore collection. So, the total collection after the end of Day 1 is around ~9.75 crores, taking the paid previews into account.

The critical reception on the day before the release was quite positive, but the reviews on the day of the release were thoroughly mixed. The audience word-of-mouth also appears to be mixed going by our initial ground reports from the cinemas. The film may only show a growth of around 25-30% on Saturday. De De Pyaar De should hold well post-Sunday, to be successful at the box office.

Day 2 Update: De De Pyaar De had a good growth of around ~45-50% at the box office on Saturday. The film collected around an estimated ~12.58 crores on its second day. DDPD had collected around ~8.5 crores on its first day; and the two days box office collection total stands at around ~22.33 crores, including the paid-previews. De De Pyaar De, with its good Saturday growth, is now looking towards a good Sunday, where the collections can be around ~14-15 crore mark. The first weekend collections should now easily cross the 35 crore mark.

Day 3 Update: De De Pyaar De had around ~12% growth in collections at the box office from Day 2 to Day 3. The film collected around an estimated ~14.07 crores on Sunday. The overall first weekend box office total stands at a decent-good ~36.40 crores. The post-Sunday collections will be crucial and will hold the key in marking the further box office path of 'De De Pyaar De'.

Day 4 Update: The film has shown a good hold at the box office on Monday. The drop from Friday to Monday is just around ~30%. De De Pyaar De collected around ~5.95 crores on Monday, which takes the 4 days box office total to a respectable ~42.35 crores.

Day 5 Update: De De Pyaar De is rock-steady in the weekdays, as it showed very minimal drop from Day 4 to Day 5. The film collected around ~5.68 crores on Tuesday. The overall 5 days box office total now stands at around ~48.03 crores. Looking at the steady trending of the film, it should end its first week run with collections easily above the 55 crore mark.

Day 6 Update: De De Pyaar De is showing very good stability in the weekdays at the box office. The film added another ~5.35 crores to its box office tally, thereby crossing the 50 crore mark on Wednesday. De De Pyaar De's total collection after six days is around ~53.38 crores.

Day 7 and further Updates are in the table below.

Scroll down for the day-wise box office collection breakdown of De De Pyaar De.

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De De Pyaar De Screen Count as on Day 1

Total Screens - Around an estimated ~2950 screens all across India on Day1.

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De De Pyaar De Total Budget

Budget - Around an estimated ~50 crores (CoP + P&A)

De De Pyaar De Day-wise Box Office Collection Breakdown

Timeline India Bangalore
Day 1 (Fri)* 9.75 0.30
Day 2 (Sat) 12.58 0.48
Day 3 (Sun) 14.07 0.46
1st Weekend Total 36.40 cr. 1.24 cr.
Day 4 (Mon) 5.95 0.14
Day 5 (Tue) 5.68 0.14
Day 6 (Wed) 5.35 0.12
Day 7 (Thu) 4.63 0.11
1st Week Total 58.01 cr. 1.75 cr.
Day 8 (Fri) 2.80 0.09
Day 9 (Sat) 4.30 0.15
Day 10 (Sun) 5.23 0.17
2nd Weekend Total 12.33 cr. 0.41 cr.
Day 11 (Mon) 2.27 0.06
Day 12 (Tue) 2.10 0.05
Day 13 (Wed) 2.05 0.05
Day 14 (Thu) 1.75 0.04
2nd Week Total 20.50 cr. 0.61 cr.
3rd Week Total 10.35 cr. 0.28 cr.
4th Week Total 3.20 cr. 0.06 cr.
5th Week Total 2.25 cr. - cr.
Total So Far 94.31 cr. 2.70 cr.

*Day 1 collection is including paid-previews on the day before release.


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