Godzilla 2 - King of the Monsters Movie Review: Boring and Mechanical

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Godzilla 2 Movie Review

Predictable and Lacks Novelty.

Godzilla 2 Movie Review | Analysis

The "King of the Monsters", Godzilla, hasn't made an appearance since saving the humanity from the giant creatures (MUTOS), but the monster-tracking-hunting agency, 'Monarch', knows where he is and can also track his movements and record his vital signs! And, after all the destruction that the previous monster battle caused, Dr. Emma (Vera Farmiga), who is associated with the 'Monarch' agency, has now built a bioacoustics and a frequency emitting gadget, called the ORCA, which basically acts like a remote controller for all the ancient monsters! But, the device ORCA gets taken over by a former British Army guy turned "Eco-terrorist". This leads to the awakening of all the ancient monsters from their deep sleep, including the Godzilla.

In the mean time, the authorities are still unsure whether to exterminate all the "ancient super-species" that are located and contained by the 'Monarch', even after all the destruction and the life loss caused by these creatures the last time. Instead of doing what is correct to safeguard the lives of the people, they waste time in cajoling the 'Monarch' agency. Monarch, headed by a Godzilla-worshipping nutjob who is hellbent on making human beings "Godzilla's pets ", is adamant on its stance of not killing the monsters, and only wants to contain them, because apparently monsters and humans can co-exist peacefully! The Monarch agency is filled with delusional morons who are no less than the 'Eco-terrorist' villain. Because, according to Dr. Emma, the human beings have infected the Earth because of their overpopulation, pollution and war, and unleashing of these monsters is necessary to restore the nature's balance! And, the Godzilla-worshipper detonates a nuclear bomb inside one of the "hollow earth" passage to give Godzilla the much needed energy after he was apparently killed by an "oxygen destroyer" weapon, and sacrifices himself in the process for the sake of his master, Godzilla.

The plot basically is just as an excuse to make the monsters fight, and it only serves as a justification for everything that the film does with its monsters.  But, even there, the film doesn't make peace with that fact and go full-throttle on the monster battles, but instead it constantly intervenes with its meaningless uninteresting human emotional drama that serves no purpose, because of its shallow plot and immature characterization. And, because of this constant intervention, the monsters take a back seat even when they are engaged in a full-scale battle.

Because of the fantastical nature of the film's story, it needed much more groundwork in the initial part of the film to establish a good prelude, that would make the film effective, believable and make the audience care for the characters and the film's supposed hero, the Godzilla. But, because of the lazy writing, the film fails to immerse its audience into it. As a result, the film ends up being a boring soulless mechanical action film. And, the film takes itself quite seriously, and it isn't even a popcorn-entertainment or a fun-film, which the 1998 film was (This film has got nothing to do with that film). I hadn't really liked the 1998 Godzilla, but after watching this film, I think the 1998 one was a much more entertaining and fun-filled watch, even with some of its stupid plot points. Here in this film, there is no fun, very little entertainment, and a weak monotonous storyline presented in an outright serious and a boring manner. Or, may be, there wasn't enough story to be told. The 2014 Godzilla was a lot more better than this sequel.

But, even the Godzilla doesn't look impressive at all. It's the same 2014 Godzilla. But, I think because of its small head, short snout and a fat body, the Godzilla looks more like an obese giantly overgrown grizzly bear with a huge crocodile tail, instead of a reptile/lizard which it actually is, like the film tells us - "That's one huge juiced-up lizard there!" May be, it's close to the original Japanese 'Gojiras', but I would prefer a less obese, faster and reptile-like Godzilla. And, the gigantic huge body of Godzilla does not produce the low frequency thundering intimidating sound like it should have, instead Godzilla's roar/scream is a high frequency trumpet-like screeching sound that sounds like a combination of a Bat and an Elephant.

'Godzilla 2' is also very predictable. And, because of the predictability of the film, the way the story unfolds becomes very important, which is where this film falters. The film just takes the just-get-done-with-it approach, instead of evolving a predictable story in an interesting manner. And, this predictability, lack of novelty, and the lousy shallow plot with disposable characters, make this second installment of the 2014 reboot unmemorable and boring. The film doesn't give anything to make you continue watching, and there is nothing new apart the new 3-headed "Monster Zero" in this film. Still, the film can be watched once, but I suggest you just rewatch the 2014 film, as it is a much better film than this one. The visual effects, cinematography and background music are good.

Rating - 2.5/5

- Review by Aditya.

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