Aa Karaala Ratri Movie Review: A Well-Made Intense Thriller!

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Aa Karaala Ratri Movie Review

A Must-Watch Suspense-Thriller.

Aa Karaala Ratri Movie Review | Analysis

Onti Mane Muttanna (Rangayana Raghu) is a farmer who is deep in debt, lives with his wife Gowramma and daughter Mallika, in an isolated farm house in their village. One day, a stranger arrives at their place and requests for an overnight stay, to which the family of three agrees. What happens next, over the course of time till the next morning, forms the story.

'Aa Karala Ratri' begins in a steady manner by starting to establish its main characters and their nature, and takes its own time in the process, but succeeds in creating sufficient amount of interest in the viewers, which only increases as the film moves forward. The premise of the film is quite stimulating - A poverty-stricken family with an unmarried daughter with carnal desires, gets a visitor in form of a handsome young man wearing heavy gold jewellery; it's like you've suddenly found the missing piece of the puzzle! or like you've found an oasis in a desert! And, the basic setting of the film is so well-constructed that the film just flies in the intense second-half, and everything perfectly falls in place. Also, the prelude for the happenings in that one night is very nicely laid-out, which makes sure that you are completely involved in the film.

The film starts with a scenario where a spiritual guru is giving a lecture on greed and its effects. Gowramma and Mallika, the mother-daughter duo, are also at the gathering. While Gowramma is all ears to the guru's speech, Mallika is lost in her own thoughts. While heading back to their house, Mallika constantly rants to her mother about her being unmarried and fast getting older. The frustration is quite evident from Mallika's talks and demeanour. And, as the film moves forward, it firmly establishes her character as an unafraid, undaunted, free-spoken, libidinous woman; mainly through her dialogues, sometimes with sexual references, and also through her attitude and behavior. But, you also get to see her affable side of her personality early-on in the film. The characterization is multi-faceted and almost all-round, and has been well-portrayed by the actor (Anupama Gowda) playing that character. This good character development extends to all the other main characters as well, and are well-portrayed, well-presented, and developed with sufficient depth which helps in setting a nice foundation for the film to narrate an impactful story, and everything that unfolds later in the film. Also, this well-etched characterization makes their actions in the latter- half of the film believable and unsettling.

The best thing about the film is its near-perfect script, and the thoroughly engaging screenplay. Almost every part of it is neatly intertwined, leaving no room for any loose ends, which makes the film an intriguing watch. The dialogues are very natural, and are close to normal day-to-day conversations, and nothing overly cinematic, which further adds to the real, non-fictitious feel of the film. The narration is upsurge, and the film gets more and more interesting as it progresses, which is a sign of a good suspense-thriller. And, good solid acting performances by the actors playing the key roles, further elevates the film and makes the movie even more effective.

The cinematography and background music are good. The first song of the film moves along with the story without hindering its pace, and is also beautifully composed. But, the dream-sequence song-dance in the mid-part of the film, stagnates the pace. Even though the song forms an important aspect of the film, which is quite beautifully composed and choreographed as well, it should've been only under a minute, but spans for almost 4 minutes, acting like an unnecessary speed-breaker.

Aa Karaala Raatri effectively plays with your mind, and makes you to constantly think. The film conditions the minds of its viewers for something else, through its dialogues, the characters, and the scenarios throughout the film; but ends by giving them something quite unimaginably different, which makes the ending very astounding.

The film has a good mix of beliefs and emotions in right amounts. Superstition, greed, desperation, lust, anger are nicely mixed together to create a perfect delectable recipe. Although, you can guess a few of the directions that the movie's plot might take, but the destination the film intends to take is carefully concealed, and the narration keeps you glued to the screen as it gets intense with each passing minute. The movie plays its cards very well and keeps its cards close to its chest. Overall, Aa Karaala Ratri is a well-made intense thriller, and is a must-watch for the lovers of content-oriented cinema.

Rating - 4.5/5

- Review by Aditya.

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