Article 15 Screen Count and First Day Advance Booking Report

Article 15 Screen Count Advance Booking Report Poster Exclusive: 'Article 15' Theater Count, Show Count & Advance Booking Details

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The opening day advance ticket booking for the action-thriller film, 'Article 15', starring Ayushman Khurrana is pretty average, and is not at the levels that the film would have expected it to be. But, it is still decent enough to turn the tide at the box office in the weekend, if the film turns out to be good. Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore are comparatively better in the first day advance ticket sales. Delhi NCR has 14.6% seats booked from 419 shows, Pune has 12.2% seats booked from 163 shows, Bangalore has 15.2% seats booked from 169 shows, and Mumbai has 10.4% seats booked from 454 shows. Going by the advance booking figures, Article 15's first day box office collection can be around 4-5 crores, and can reach up to 6 crores if the film gets a thumbs-up from the audience.

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As a content-oriented film, Article 15's box office prospects quite depend on the critical reception and a good audience word-of-mouth post-release. The film has already received rave reviews from the critics, which should ensure at least a decent opening tomorrow. The amazing success of last week's release, Kabir Singh, has made it a daunting task for 'Article 15' at the box office. The brilliant trending of Kabir Singh has turned it into an unstoppable force, which is running to packed houses even in the weekdays with almost practically no drop in collections. Kabir Singh's unshakeable performance at the box office has turned it into a practical clash of films this week at the box office. 'Article 15' had a hard bargain even availing a good number of screens for its first weekend run at the box office, but, it still managed to get released in around an estimated ~1400 screens, which is good enough. Since, the target audience are quite different for 'Article 15' and 'Kabir Singh', 'Article 15' can hope to do well if it gets good initial response and good audience word-of-mouth publicity, thereby boosting the box office prospects of the film.

Release Date: 28 June 2019 (Friday)
Language: Hindi
Runtime: 131 Minutes
Genre: Action, Thriller
Censor Certification: U/A

The following advance booking numbers are for 28th June (Friday).

Report last updated on 27 June 10:10 PM IST

Region Theaters Shows Seats Booked
Bengaluru 39 169 15.2%
Mumbai 102 454 10.4%
Delhi NCR 95 419 14.6%
Pune 30 163 12.2%
Hyderabad 29 112 26.1%
Ahmedabad 27 125 8.2%
Patna 2 8 22.3%
Chennai 15 39 24.1%
Kochi 3 5 19.6%
Kolkata 32 155 7.4%
Jaipur 13 56 7.1%
Lucknow 12 63 15.3%
Bhopal 8 46 9.1%
Chandigarh 12 46 8.8%
Total from 14 Places 419 1860 14.3%
Total Estimated Screens India ~1400

The total number of screens for 'Article 15' as on Day 1 (Friday) is around an estimated ~1400 all across India.

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