Kabir Singh Day-wise Box Office Collection Report: 7th Week Update

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Kabir Singh Box Office Collection

Kabir Singh; HIT or FLOP?

Kabir Singh Box Office Collection Till Date

After taking an excellent start at the box office by collecting around ~19.25 crores, Kabir Singh continued to gain further momentum at the box office aided by the positive audience reception. The film collected ~21.85 cr. and ~26.05 cr. on Saturday and Sunday respectively, leading to a huge first weekend total of ~67.15 crores. Kabir Singh, in all possibilities will continue to have a good run even in the weekdays, and will be a huge hit at the box office. We will update Kabir Singh's box office collections daily in this post in the table below.

Read the first day collection analysis in the below text. And, scroll down to the bottom of the post for all days day-wise box office collection figures, screen count and budget.

First Day Box Office Collection Analysis & Details

Shahid Kapoor starrer Action-Drama film, 'Kabir Singh', has taken a bumper opening at the box office, and has also surprised everyone as most didn't expect the film to take such a huge opening because of Shahid Kapoor's below-average recent box office performance as a solo male lead. The trade enthusiasts were predicting at most 15 crores for the film on Day 1, but 'Kabir Singh' has exceeded all the predictions and expectations by comfortably going beyond the 15 mark even with a non-holiday non-occasion release. Kabir Singh has collected around ~19.25 crores on its first day at the box office.

The film is riding on back of an excellent advance booking. The first day advance booking for Kabir Singh was slightly below Gully Boy in the Metros and the Tier-1 cities, but was well-above Gully Boy and only below Bharat in the Tier-2 and smaller cities & towns. Gully Boy also had significantly higher number of screens and shows all-over compared to Kabir Singh, specially in the multiplexes of the metros and the Tier-1 cities (Kabir Singh ~3000 screens all-over India vs Gully Boy ~3300 screens all-over India). In the Tier-2 and smaller cities, the number of screens and shows for Kabir Singh were quite similar to Gully Boy, but Kabir Singh's first day advance booking was double than Gully Boy's. And, Kabir Singh had appreciably better audience response even in the spot bookings in both the multiplexes and the single screens of Tier-2 and smaller cities. The ATP (Average Ticket Price) of Kabir Singh is also lesser than Bharat, Kalank and Kesari.

Number of Shows Comparison in the Metros on Day 1 - 

Mumbai - Gully Boy 1215 shows vs Kabir Singh 906 shows
Delhi NCR - GB 1090 shows vs KS 816 shows
Bengaluru - GB 302 shows vs KS 252 shows
Pune - GB 451 shows vs KS 361
Hyderabad - GB 244 vs KS 254
Kolkata - GB 304 vs KS 244

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The film began its box office campaign with a bang, as even the morning shows had an average estimated occupancy of above 40%, and the overall first day estimated occupancy was above 60%.  Kabir Singh has very little competition at the box office this week, and looks like it has thoroughly worked in it its favour, at least on Day 1. The action genre, filled with drugs, alcohol, abuse which surrounds a college love story with a stereotypical rugged masculine male lead character, seems to have struck a chord with the young college-going audience, which has definitely propelled the film's box office performance further. Kabir Singh was patronized by both the single screen and the multiplex audience on its first day, as both the single and multi-screens have generated good Day 1 box office numbers.

'Kabir Singh' is actor Shahid Kapoor's biggest opening so far at the box office as a solo male lead. Shahid Kapoor's previous best was 'Shandaar', which had collected around ~11.5 crores on Day 1. This kind of opening on a non-holiday release is quite a feat for the film, and it also catapults Shahid Kapoor back into the big league, who was struggling at the box office of late. Kabir Singh is also the third biggest box-office opener of 2019 so far.

Here are the TOP Box-Office Openings of 2019 - 

1. Bharat - 38.32
2. Gully Boy - 19.50
3. Kabir Singh - 19.25
4. Kesari - 18.55
5. Kalank - 18.43
6. Total Dhamaal - 16.50

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Kabir Singh opened to thoroughly mixed reviews from the critics; while some appreciated it as a well-made entertaining film, also praising the acting performances of its lead actors; some were troubled by the film's supposed misogyny and the lengthy runtime which is close to three hours. The audience word-of-mouth is mixed, but somewhat leans towards the positive side, going by our audience response samples collected at the multiplexes on Day 1. The negative audience feedback were mostly from women and a few men who didn't like the 'glorification of bad things' in the film.

Scroll down for day-wise box office collection figures in the table below.

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Kabir Singh Screen Count as on Day 1

Total Screens - Around an estimated ~3000 screens all across India on Day 1.

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Kabir Singh Total Budget

Budget - Around an estimated ~45 crores (CoP + P&A)

Kabir Singh Day-wise Box Office Collection Breakdown

Timeline India Bangalore
Day 1 (Fri) 19.25 0.75
Day 2 (Sat) 21.85 1.03
Day 3 (Sun) 26.05 1.15
1st Weekend Total 67.15 cr. 2.93 cr.
Day 4 (Mon) 16.15 0.42
Day 5 (Tue) 15.60 0.40
Day 6 (Wed) 15.75 0.39
Day 7 (Thu) 12.65 0.30
1st Week Total 127.30 cr. 4.44 cr.
Day 8 (Fri) 10.85 0.29
Day 9 (Sat) 15.15 0.52
Day 10 (Sun) 16.75 0.47
2nd Weekend Total 42.75 cr. 1.28 cr.
Day 11 (Mon) 8.25 0.18
Day 12 (Tue) 7.65 0.18
Day 13 (Wed) 6.75 0.16
Day 14 (Thu) 6.25 0.15
2nd Week Total 71.65 cr. 1.95 cr.
Day 15 (Fri) 4.80 0.15
Day 16 (Sat) 6.70 0.25
Day 17 (Sun) 9.05 0.26
3rd Weekend Total 20.55 cr. 0.66 cr.
Day 18 (Mon) 3.65 0.10
Day 19 (Tue) 2.90 0.08
Day 20 (Wed) 2.85 0.08
Day 21 (Thu) 2.91 0.09
3rd Week Total 32.86 cr. 1.01 cr.
Day 22 (Fri) 1.95 0.07
Day 23 (Sat) 3.05 0.13
Day 24 (Sun) 3.25 0.11
4th Weekend Total 8.25 cr. 0.31 cr.
Day 25 (Mon) 1.45 0.04
Day 26 (Tue) 1.40 0.04
Day 27 (Wed) 1.40 0.03
Day 28 (Thu) 1.45 0.03
4th Week Total 13.95 cr. 0.45 cr.
5th Week Total 7.25 cr. 0.18 cr.
6th Week Total 2.50 cr. 0.07 cr.
7th Week Total 1.25 cr. 0.03 cr.
Total So Far 256.76 cr. 8.13 cr.


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