Arjun Patiala Movie Review: All Critics' Review Round-Up

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Arjun Patiala Review Round-Up

Consensus - Poor

'Arjun Patiala' is a comedy drama film featuring Diljit Dosanjh and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles. The film is directed by Rohit Jugraj. 'Arjun Patiala' released on 26th July 2019 certified 'U/A' with the runtime of 107 minutes. Here, we bring you all the critic reviews and ratings of 'Arjun Patiala'.

Arjun Patiala Critic Reviews & Ratings

Spoof comedies can be a tricky affair and this one is way too underwhelming to tickle your funny bone for full two hours.

  • NDTV | Review By - Saibal Chatterjee | Rating-1.5/5
The film is way too aimless a ride to give an audience looking for genuine humour the feeling that its purpose is in with a real chance of being served.

By the time it ends, you’ve forgotten the early laughs. What should have been a rollicking Patiala peg turns into a pointless ‘pauwa’.

  • Scroll | Review By - Nandini Ramnath | Rating-1.5/5
Arjun Patiala has some good jokes – but half of them were in the trailer.

Arjun Patiala couldn’t have been funny even at a script level. So how and why did it get made?

Diljit Dosanjh, Kriti Sanon’s parody film fails to take off despite its talented cast.

That this film hopes to parody the clich├ęd construct of most romcoms is ironic. Especially, since this isn’t any better or worse. 

On the whole, ARJUN PATIALA is a shockingly poor fare, riddled with an outdated and tragic script.