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Mission Mangal Review

Consensus - Above Average

'Mission Mangal' is a drama film featuring actor Akshay Kumar in the lead role. The film is directed by Jagan Shakti. 'Mission Mangal' released on 15th August 2019 certified 'U' with the runtime of 133 minutes. Here, we bring you all the critic reviews and ratings of 'Mission Mangal'.

Mission Mangal Critic Reviews & Ratings

Even the CGI is pretty average. But then, the feeling of patriotism and national pride does eclipse the minor pitfalls of this mission.

  • CNN News 18 | Review By - Rajeev Masand | Rating-3.5/5
Ultimately, Mission Mangal is enjoyable and entertaining. Even the jingoism doesn’t feel entirely out of place.

  • NDTV | Review By - Saibal Chatterjee | Rating-3/5
This isn't Mission Magnificent. But it isn't Mission Mangled either. Mission Mangal is watchable, if not always exhilarating, if you can get over its excesses.

It leaves a smile on the face. And you do feel a swell of pride as the ‘yaan’ comes into view and settles successfully in orbit.

While there are times Mission Mangal plays out pleasantly enough as a cheesy entertainer with a message, there are other times everything feels like too much of a stretch — even the runtime.

  • Rediff | Review By - Sukanya Verma | Rating-3/5
Mission Mangal has its heart in place, if not all of its science -- home or rocket.

  • Scroll | Review By - Nandini Ramnath | Rating-2.5/5
The 133-minute movie finally gets some fuel as the Mangalyaan probe blasts off into space and eventually enters Mars’s orbit.

  • Mid Day | Review By - Mayank Shekhar | Rating-3/5
Most movies suffer from what's called the 'curse of the second half'. Mission Mangal is a rare one that reverses that principle. It gets much better towards the end!

'Mission Mangal' is well worth your time. It is educational, but entertaining. Positive without preachy. And family friendly in a genuine way.

But for a film that documents a singularly inspiring story, the writing doesn’t manage to conjure the thrill surrounding this epic achievement.

  • News 18 | Review By - Priyanka Sinha Jha | Rating-3/5
Despite its creative shortcomings, director Jagan Shakti makes the film evoke patriotic fervor in the audience.

  • Gulf News | Review By - Manjusha Radhakrishnan | Rating-3/5
‘Mission Mangal’ is an out-of-this-world cinematic experience, but there’s a good chance that you will pivot around the women’s skills in this film.

On the whole, MISSION MANGAL is engaging and entertaining while being patriotic in its feel.

Overall Average Rating - 2.96/5

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