Kannada TV Channels TRP Ratings Weekly List: 21 to 27 September

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Kannada General Entertainment Channels TRP Ratings

Rank Channel TRP
1 Zee Kannada 456793 K
2 Colours Kannada 293861 K
3 Udaya TV 199787 K
4 Star Suvarna 165071 K
5 Udaya Movies 148624 K

Kannada News Channels TRP Ratings

Rank Channel TRP
1 TV9 Kannada 75367 K
2 Public TV 40816 K
3 Suvarna News 32540 K
4 News18 Kannada 26461 K
5 Dighvijay News 14540 K

According to the 'BARC' TV viewership data, the top ranked Kannada TV channel with highest TRP ratings from 21 to 27 September is Zee Kannada. The channel has gathered 45.68 crore impressions in a weeks time. The distant second position is held by Colours Kannada channel. Zee Kannada is far ahead of Colours Kannada in terms of viewership impressions, and the main reason for this is that Zee Kannada's fictional shows (serials) are more popular with the TV audience than the fictional shows on Colours Kannada. In the top 5 Kannada TV serial TRP list, Zee Kannada has 4 serials while Colours Kannada only has one, 'Mangala Gowri Maduve'.

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In the News channels category, TV9 Kannada is the number 1 Kannada TV news channel with the highest TRP ratings, and is far ahead of its competition. TV9 Kannada has consistently stayed at the top position for years now; the first mover advantage has kept TV9 Kannada far ahead in the Kannada news channel TRP race. Distant second position in the TRP list is taken by Public TV, and is also in the second place for a long time now.

We will post the weekly TRP lists of Kannada TV channels from hereon, so keep visiting for new posts.

Data Source: BARC


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