Good Newwz Day-wise Box Office Collection Report, Screen Count and Budget

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Good News Collection

Good News; HIT or FLOP?

Good Newwz Total Box Office Collection Till Date

Good Newwz Day-wise Box Office Collection Breakdown

Timeline India Bangalore
Day 1 (Fri) 16.75 0.80
Day 2 (Sat) 20.75 1.00
Day 3 (Sun) 25.00 1.00
1st Weekend Total 62.50 cr. 2.80 cr.
Day 4 (Mon) 12.25 0.50
Day 5 (Tue)* 15.25 0.50
Day 6 (Wed)** 21.00 0.75
Day 7 (Thu) 9.75 0.30
1st Week Total 120.75 cr. 4.85 cr.
Day 8 (Fri) 7.75 0.30
Day 9 (Sat) 10.75 0.60
Day 10 (Sun) 13.00 0.55
2nd Weekend Total 31.50 cr. 1.45 cr.
Day 11 (Mon) 4.75 0.15
Day 12 (Tue) 4.50 0.15
Day 13 (Wed) 4.25 0.15
Day 14 (Thu) 3.50 0.10
2nd Week Total 48.50 cr. 2.00 cr.
Day 15 (Fri) 1.50 0.08
Day 16 (Sat) 2.75 0.15
Day 17 (Sun) 3.00 0.14
3rd Weekend Total 7.25 cr. 0.37 cr.
Day 18 (Mon) 1.00 0.04
Day 19 (Tue) 1.25 0.06
Day 20 (Wed) 1.30 0.13
Day 21 (Thu) 0.90 0.05
3rd Week Total 11.70 cr. 0.65 cr.
4th Week Total 5.00 cr. 0.25 cr.
5th Week Total 1.10 cr. 0.07 cr.
6th Week Total 0.25 cr. 0.02 cr.
Total So Far 187.30 cr. 7.84 cr.

*New Year's Eve ** New Year 2020

Good Newwz Screen Count as on Day 1

Total Screens - Around an estimated ~3100 screens all across India on Day 1.

'Good Newwz' was the solo Bollywood release this Friday.

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Good Newwz Movie Budget

Budget - Around an estimated ~50 crores (CoP + P&A Only)

Good Newwz HIT OR FLOP?

Verdict - Super-HIT.

Good Newwz Box Office Notes

Opening Note - 'Good Newwz' aka 'Good News', which is the last Bollywood release of the year 2019, took a good opening at the box office on a non-holiday opening day. The film was released just a week after the release of 'Dabangg 3', but the under-performance of the former has allowed 'Good Newwz' to take away a significant number of screens from 'Dabangg 3' specially at the multiplexes. 'Dabangg 3' has retained a good portion of its screens at the single screens. Films like 'Good Newwz' which lean towards the urban multiplex audience, usually don't take huge openings and grow later based on the audience word-of-mouth and the critical reception. Here, the star-power of Akshay Kumar has hugely helped the film at the box office, otherwise, urban comedy films like these generally take openings in single digits. Therefore, the Day 1 collection of 'Good News' is - in fact - very good, and has a very good chance of witnessing fine growth in the weekends as both the audience initial wom and critical reception are pretty positive.

Day 2 (Saturday) Note: 'Good Newwz' showed a decent-good growth of around ~25% on Saturday after a very good opening at the box office, for an urban comedy film. The film is mainly being pulled by the multiplexes of the Metros and the Tier-1 cities, and the expected support from the Tier-2 cities and smaller towns is not quite there, and forget about the interiors. Most of the single screens are playing a distant second fiddle to the multiplexes, and they may not show much growth even on Sunday.

Day 3 (Sunday) Note: The film witnessed another growth of around ~20% on Sunday vis-à-vis Saturday. The first weekend has been good for 'Good Newwz' at the box office. The movie's performance in the weekdays will now hold the key in determining the fate of the film at the box office. Having said that, 'Good Newwz' will most probably hold well in the weekdays because of lack of competition, and will see another rise in the 2nd weekend. There are no new releases next week, and 'Good Newwz' is going to well-utilize that.

Day 4 (Monday) Note: Extraordinary hold! 'Good Newwz' had a very good first Monday as it saw only around ~25% drop vis-à-vis Friday. The film is most definitely a hit, unless it suffers drastic drop in the coming days which is unlikely. This is the 4th hit film for Akshay Kumar this year, and has been a highly fruitful year for him. Looking at the current trending of the film, 'Good Newwz' is certain to overtake the collections of 'Dabangg 3' in the days ahead.

Day 5 (Tuesday) Note: 'Good Newwz' saw a good rise in its collections at the box office on the occasion of the 'New Years' Eve'. The start to the year 2020 proved to be excellent for 'Good Newwz', as it was indeed good news for the film as it witnessed around ~25% rise vis-à-vis Monday. The film should cross the 100 crore mark tomorrow.

Day 6 (Wednesday) Note: 'Good Newwz' thoroughly made use of the New Year's occasion as it posted a box office total better than its first Saturday. The film saw a growth of around 35-40% vis-à-vis Tuesday, while Tuesday already had a good growth of around ~25%. The film has now comfortably crossed the 100 crore mark, and has also crossed 'Dabangg 3's first week's collections with a day to spare despite a lower start than 'Dabangg 3'!

Day 7 (Thursday) Note: 'Good Newwz' sustained well post the New Year's occasion, as the drop is only around ~20% from Monday. The film collected around ~9.75 crores on Thursday which takes the first week total to a very good 120.75 crores. There are no new releases this week at the box office, and there are no films from the past weeks that can compete with 'Good Newwz', so 'Good Newwz' has another week of practical solo run at the box office, and should definitely continue to collect well in its second week. The film is already a box office success, and its performance in the 2nd week will point towards its final box office tag.

Day 8 (2nd Friday) Collection Note: 'Good Newwz' continues to accumulate at the box office in the absence of any competition in its second week. The drop from the previous day is around ~20%, which is pretty much a good hold, and the film should another rise in the next two days (Saturday & Sunday).

Day 9 (2nd Saturday) Collection Note: 'Good Newwz' has showed a good growth of around ~40% compared to yesterday. The film has now crossed the till-date collections of 'Dabangg 3' comfortably, despite a lower start than 'Dabangg 3' at the box office. 'Good Newwz' should cross the 150 crore mark tomorrow, and the film looks to breach the 200 crore mark by the end of its box office run, although it depends upon the film's hold in the coming weekdays. The movie is already is a HIT.

Day 10 (2nd Sunday) Note: There was another growth of around ~20% for 'Good Newwz' at the box office on its 2nd Sunday. The 2nd weekend was good for 'Good Newwz' with collections of around ~31.50 crores. The film has now crossed the 150 crore mark, and tomorrow's hold will be suggestive of the film's box office total at the end of Week 2.

Day 11 (2nd Monday) Note: 'Good Newwz' has held pretty well on its second Monday with the drop being only around ~40% vis-à-vis Friday (Day 8). The film collected around ~4.75 crores on its Day 11 at the box office, which takes its overall 11 days total to 157 crores.

End of 2nd Week Note: 'Good Newwz' had good fortunes at the box office, as it collected around 48.50 crores in its second week, which takes its overall domestic box office total to 169.25 crores. The film had very less competition in its two week's run, but with the release of new films like 'Tanhaji', 'Chhapaak', and 'Darbar', the film is bound to have its screens and shows reduced in its 3rd week.

End of 3rd Week Note: 'Good Newwz' had a good third week at the box office as it collected around ~11.70 crores. The film has now collected approx 181 crores at the end of its three week run at the box office. Going by the current trending and lack of new big releases this week at the box office (Tanhaji and Chhapaak are last week's releases), the film might add more to the total in its 4th week.

End of 5th Week Update: The film collected more than a crore in its 5th week even with the new big Bollywood releases hitting the box office. 'Good Newwz' has collected around ~187 crores at the domestic box office till date, and is a Super-HIT!


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