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Two new films have released this week, one is a big-budget film released on a comparatively huge scale, and another is a smaller budget niche film released on a smaller scale. 'Street Dancer 3D' starring Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor is the big release of the week, and the smaller release is Kangana Ranaut starrer 'Panga'.

Even with 'Tanhaji' holding very well at the box office, both 'Street Dancer' and 'Panga' have managed to get released in a good number of cinemas and screens. But, even with the better screen counts the show count per screen is pretty less because of having to accommodate two new films and one well-performing holdover film. All the other Bollywood films have lost most of their screens to the above three films, and they are virtually out of the cinemas.

The new release, 'Street Dancer', has managed around ~3700 screens including all of its versions (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu | 2D & 3D). This is enough for the film to perform and post a healthy first day box office total. It will be a good first day for 'Street Dancer' if it can collect anything in excess of 12 crores on its first day.

Another new release, 'Panga', which is a significantly smaller release in terms of the screen count, has managed to get around 1450 screens for Day 1 screening at the box office. The screen count may appear less, but if we go by the pre-release hype/buzz of the film, the current allotted screens are more than enough. The film has a limited box office potential specially on Day 1, as this is the kind of the film that usually depends on the audience word-of-mouth and critical reception. The first day collection looks to be around the 3 crore mark, and it will be a good opening day for 'Panga' if it can collect anything above 3.5 crores.

The holdover release, 'Tanhaji', on the other hand, has retained a good number of screens going into its third week. The all version (Hindi, Marathi | 2D & 3D) screen count for 'Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior' as on 24 Jan is close to 2000. The screen count is better than the new release 'Panga', and 'Tanhaji' should be able to effectively put all of its screens to work, as it looks to go over 225 crores at the end of its third weekend.

Screen Counts As On 24 January 2020

Street Dancer (Week 1) - Approx 3700 (All version) India
Panga (Week 1) - Approx 1450 in India.
Tanhaji (Week 3) - Approx 2000 (All version) in India.

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