Kamarottu 2 Movie Release Date: All Details

Kamarottu 2 Movie Release Date: All Details

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Kamarottu 2 Movie Release Date
Kamarottu 2 Release Date: Theatrical Release Date, OTT Release Date

Kamarottu 2 Kannada Movie Release Date: Complete Details

Kamarottu 2 Theatrical Release Date, OTT Release Date & Satellite TV Release Date

Kamarottu 2 is an upcoming Kannada horror movie featuring Priyanka Upendra, Swaminathan Anantharaman, and Rajini Bharadwaj in the lead roles. The film is supposedly a sequel to the 2019 Kannada horror film named 'Kamarottu Checkpost'. The second part, Kamarottu 2, is scheduled to release at the theatres in the year 2024. Paramesh A, who directed Kamarottu Checkpost, is the director for Kamarottu 2 as well.

In this post, we give you the complete details of Kamarottu 2's release date at the cinemas, OTT release dates and satellite TV release dates. Keep reading.

Kamarottu 2 Movie Trailer Release Date

The trailer for the film was released on YouTube by the official channel of A2 Music on February 10, 2024. The trailer had garnered more than 130K views at the time of this report. According to the trailer, the complete name of the film is 'Kamarottu 2: Paranormal'.

Kamarottu 2 Movie Theatrical Release Date

Kamarottu 2 is scheduled for release in six languages: Kannada, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi. The movie is supposedly a pan-India release in six languages at the same time, all over India. The English version of Kamarottu 2 might see a wider release in overseas markets for the English-speaking audience.

Kamarottu 2 is tentatively scheduled to release in the first half of 2024. But, as it happens with Kannada cinema, unless it is a big-star movie, smaller films usually don't announce an exact date of release well in advance. The release dates get decided at the last moment, usually just one week before the release. We will update this post again with the exact release date of Kamarottu 2 once it is announced.

Kamarottu 2 OTT Release Date & OTT Platform

Box office results of films largely determine the movies' future with regards to OTT. If a movie is successful, it makes it easier for the film to get an OTT release and also puts it in a better bargaining position when it comes to striking a deal with the OTT platforms. Movies that are box office failures find it hard to get an OTT deal and may have to settle for a paltry amount or may not get released at all.

If the OTT rights of Kamarottu 2 aren't already been sold to any OTT platform, then it depends upon how Kamarottu 2 performs at the Sandalwood box office. If the movie is successful at the box office, then OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Zee5 can acquire the OTT rights, and if the movie fails at the box office, then OTT platforms like Nammaflix or Cinebazzar can grab the OTT rights of Kamarottu 2. We will update this post once there is official confirmation about the OTT rights and announcement of the OTT release date.

Kamarottu 2 Satellite TV Release Date

The satellite TV broadcast rights deal of Kamarottu 2 are yet to be finalized. As of now, there is little information regarding which TV channel may get the satellite rights of Kamarottu 2. We will update this post once the information about the satelillte TV rights is confirmed. The date of the world TV premiere of Kamarottu 2 will be announced once the satellite rights deal is finalized. Usually, OTT release happens before the satellite release, so Kamarottu 2 will first be released on OTT and then it wil be broadcast on TVs. We will update the World TV release date once it is announced.

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