List of Kannada Horror Movies of All Time: From 1979 To 2024, Updated

Kannada Horror Movies List

Here is a complete list of some of the popular Kannada horror movies of all time from the year 1979 to 2024, from old Kannada horror movies to the latest Kannada horror movies. In alphabetical order.

1. Aake (2017)
Aake Kannada Horror Movie Poster

Aake is a 2017 Horror movie directed by KM Chaitanya of 'Aa Dinagalu' fame. Aake stars Chiranjeevi Sarja and Sharmila Mandre in the lead roles.

2. Ade Raaga Ade Haadu (1989)
Ade Raaga Ade Haade Kannada Movie

Ade Raaga Ade Haadu is directed by MS Rajashekhar starring Shiva Rajkumar and Seema. Chandu (Shiva Rajkumar) and Sangeetha are classmates in a Medical college. They both fall in love and get married. After marriage Sangeetha starts acting weird.

3. Agni Divya (1990)
Agni Divya Kannada Horror Movie

A tantrik takes revenge on three men, who violated and killed his sister, by summoning the spirit of his sister. Jai Jagadish plays a police officer in the film who is posted to the villaage with supernatural occurences.

4. Apthamitra (2004)
Apthamitra Kannada Movie

Apthamitra is directed by P. Vasu. Vishnuvardhan, Soundarya and Ramesh Aravind play the lead roles. Apthamitra is a remake of Malayalam movie 'Manichithrathazhu'. Apthamitra was a hugely successful film at the box office.

5. Aptharakshaka (2010)
Aptharakshaka Kannada Movie

Aptharakshaka is a sequel to 2004 kannada horror film Apthamitra. Aptharakshaka is directed by P. Vasu, who also directed Apthamitra. Vishnuvardhan and Vimala Raman play the lead roles.

6. Atma Bandhana (1992)
Atma Bandhana Kannada Movie

Atma Bandhana stars Shashikumar and Jayaprada in lead roles. Story of Atma Bandhana involves a doll possessed by a spirit, which takes revenge on its killers.

7. Chandralekha (2014)
Chandralekha Kannada Movie

Chandralekha is directed by Om Prakash Rao. Chiranjeevi Sarja and Shanvi Srivastava play the lead roles. Chandralekha is a remake of 2013 Telugu film 'Prema Katha Chitram'.

8. Charulatha (2012)
Charulatha Kannada Movie

Charulatha is produced by Dwarkish and is directed by Pon Kumaran. Priyamani plays dual roles in the film. Charulatha is a remake of  2007 Thai horror film 'Alone'. 'Alone' was again remade into Hindi, in 2014 as 'Alone' starring Bipasha Basu.

9. Chitralekha (1992)
Chitralekha Kannada Movie

Chitralekha has Devaraj and Shruthi in lead roles and is directed by V Somashekhar.

10. Daiva Shakti (1987)
Daiva Shakti Kannada Horror Movie

An evil spirit that was long burried in the ground gets released accidentally while plowing the field for cultivation. The evil spirit then wrecks havoc in the family of the person who buried it. Anant Nag and Bhavya play the lead roles in the film. Daiva Shakti is directed by Renuka Sharma.

11. Durga Shakti (1999)
Durga Shakthi Kannada Movie

Devaraj, Shruthi and Tara play the lead characters in Durga Shakthi. Durga Shakthi is directed by Surya.

12. Etu Eduretu (1981)
Etu Eduretu Kannada Movie

Etu Eduretu has Srinath, Lakshmi and Sundar Krishna Urs in lead roles. Etu Eduretu is directed by K Mani Murugan. Etu Eduretu is about black magic and witchcraft.

13. Kalpana (2012)
Kalpana Kannada Movie

Kalpana is directed by Rama Narayanan. Upendra, Lakshmi Rai and Saikumar in lead characters. Kalpana is a remake of 2011 Tamil film Kanchana.

14. Kalpana 2 (2016)
Kalpana 2 Kannada Movie

Kalpana 2 is a sequel to 2012 movie Kalpana. Kalpana 2 is a remake of Tamil film Kanchana 2 which is a sequel to Kanchana. Upendra, Priyamani and Avantika Shetty star in Kalpana 2.

15. Kamarottu Checkpost (2019)

Kamarottu Checkpost Kannada Horror Movie Poster

16. Kamarottu 2 (2024)

Kamarottu 2 Kannada Horror Movie Poster

Kamarottu 2 is the sequel to the 2019 movie 'Kamarottu Checkpost'. The movie features actress Priyanka Upendra in the lead role, and is directed by Paramesh A, who also directed the prequel Kamarottu Checkpost.

17. Kampana (1988)
Kampana Kannada Movie

Kampana stars Tiger Prabhakar and Sharath Babu in lead roles. Kampana is directed by Vemagal Jagannath Rao.

18. Kanakambari (2004)
Kanakambari Kannada Movie

Kanakambari is directed by Dinesh Babu. Kanakambari has Anu Prabhakar, Vijayalakshmi, Kumar Govind playing the lead roles.

19. Karva (2016)
Karva Kannada Movie

Karva is directed by Navaneeth. KARVVA is a horror thriller from the makers of 6-5=2.

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20.  Kelavu Dinagala Nantara (2018)
Kelavu Dinagala Nantara Kannada Horror Movie Poster

Kelavu Dinagala Nantara is a 2018 Kannada horror film starring actress Shubha Poonja in the lead role. The film is directed by Sri Ni.

21. Last Bus (2016)

Passengers of a public transport bus change their route due to circumstances and end-up in a lone abandoned house in the middle of a jungle.

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22. Mane Maratakkide (2019)
Mane Maratakkide Kannada Comedy Horror Movie Poster

This Kannada horror film, which has an equal dose of comedy, is led by four popular Kannada comedy actors. The story of the film revolves around a supposedly haunted house, whose owner has been trying sell it off for a long time, but he is unable to do so because of the rumours surrounding it. In order to debunk the rumours, the house owner gets four people to stay in the house for three days and promises to pay a hefty sum to them if they successfully stay there for 3 days.

23. Marma (2002)
Marma Kannada Movie

Marma is horror thriller directed by Sunil Kumar Desai. Marma stars actress Prema in the lead role.

24. Mohini 9886788888 (2006)
Mohini 9886788888 Kannada Movie

Mohini is directed by Rajendra Singh Babu. Mohini stars Aditya and Sadha in the lead roles.

25. Mummy (2016)
Mummy Kannada Horror Movie Poster

Mummy is a Kannada horror film starring Priyanka Upendra, and is directed by Lohith H.

26. Naa Ninna Bidalaare (1979)
Naa Ninna Bidalaare Kannada Movie

Naa Ninna Bidalaare is directed by C Jayaram. Naa Ninna Bidalare stars Anant Nag and Lakshmi in lead roles. Krishna (Anant Nag) and Gayatri (Lakshmi) love each other and get married only to be haunted by the spirit of dead 'Kamini'. Kamini possesses Krishna and refuses to let go off him.

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27. Naani (2016)
Naani Kannada Movie

Naani is a horror thriller. It is a tragic tale of a test tube baby that lived up to 13 years and died of burns. Naani is directed by Ragavendra K Gollahalli, starring Manish Arya and Priyanka Rao in the lead roles.

28. Namo Bhootatma (2014)
Namo Bhootatma Kannada Horror Movie

Namo Bhootatma is directed by V Murali and stars Komal Kumar, Iswarya Menon, Gayathri Iyer.

29. Namo Bhootatma 2 (2023)
Namo Bhootatma 2 Kannada Horror Movie Poster

Namo Bhootatma 2 is the second installment of the popular hit Kannada horror movie Namo Bhootatma which was released in 2014. Namo Bhootatma 2 is also directed by V Murali and stars Komal Kumar and Lekha Chandra in the lead roles.

30. Ond Kathe Hella (2019)

31. Pretha (2024)
Pretha Kannada Horror Movie Poster

Pretha is a horror-thriller film written, directed and produced by Harish Raj. Pretha, featuring actors Harish Raj and Ahira Shetty in the lead roles, was released on 23rd February 2024 in Karnataka and had a poor start at the Sandalwood box office.

32. Rakshasa Tantra (2024)
Rakshasa Tantra Kannada Horror Movie

During a video chat, a group of friends come across a video that is not supposed to be watched, and terrible things start to happen once they watch the video.

33. Samyukta (1988)
Samyukta Kannada Movie

Samyukta is a horror suspense movie directed by K. N. Chandrashekar Sharma. Samyukta features Shiva Rajkumar, Balaraj, Chi Guru Dutt in lead roles.

34. Samyuktha 2 (2017)
Samyuktha2  Kannada Horror Movie Poster

Samyukta 2 is a Kannada horror film starring Chethan Chandra in the lead. Samyukta 2 is directed by Abhiram. Samyukta 2 is unrelated to the 1988 Kannada horror film Samyukta, starring Shiva Rajkumar.

35. Shhh! (1993)
Shhh Kannada Movie

Shhh! is a horror thriller directed by Upendra. Shhh! stars Kumar Govind, Kashinath in lead roles. A film crew goes to 'Onti Mane Estate' to shoot for a horror movie. Little do they know that the place is haunted.

36. Spooky College (2023)
Spooky College Kannada Horror Movie

Positioned as a psychological horror thriller film, Spooky College was released in 2023. The film, as the name suggests, revolves around a very old college building which is supposedly haunted. The film is directed by GB Bharat.

37. Trayodasha (2019)

38. Trunk (2018)
Trunk Kannada Horror Movie Poster

Trunk is a Horror-Thriller film directed by Rishika Sharma, who is debuted with this film as a director.

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39. Tulasidala (1985)
Tulasidala Kannada Movie

Tulasidala is directed by Vemagal Jagannath Rao. Tulasidala stars Aarathi, Sharath Babu in lead roles. Tulasidala is based Telugu novel written by Yandamuri Veerendranath. Three men of a local ashram plan to kill a female child by blackmagic and witchcraft, for money.

40. Vajramukhi (2019)
Vajramukhi Kannada Horror Movie Poster

Vajramukhi, the Kannada horror film which was released in August 2019, features actress Neethu Shetty of film 'Galipata' fame in the lead role. The film is certified U/A by the regional censor board, and is 106 minutes long. Story: A chance encounter with a mysterious girl in a resort throws the lives of a group of friends into chaos, as hostile spirits and eerie incidents start haunting them.

41. Yaaradu (2009)
Yaaradu Kannada Movie

Yaaradu is directed by Srinivas Kaushik and stars M Leelavathi and Vinod Raj. A group of five college friends go to a forest for vacation only to get hunted one by one, by a vengeful spirit.

42. 12 AM Madhyaratri (2012)
12 AM Madhyaratri Kannada Movie

12 AM Madhyaratri is directed by Karthik. 12 AM Madhyaratri stars Alok Kashinath, Divya Sridhar and Kashinath.

43. 1980 (2021)
1980 Kannada Horror Movie

Actress Priyanka Upendra plays the lead role in this horror-thriller film. The film, as the name suggests, is set in the year 1980.

44. 6-5=2 (2013)
6-5=2 Kannada Movie

6-5=2 is directed by K S Ashok. 6-5=2 is a found footage horror movie starring newcomers. 6-5=2 is inspired by 'The Blair Witch Project'. Six friends leave for a forest, for trekking. Little did they know that it would end being their worst nightmare.

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