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Kurukshetra Box Office Report

Kurukshetra Kannada Movie; HIT or FLOP?

The Kannada Mythological-Action-Drama, 'Kurukshetra', starring actor Darshan in the lead role of Duryodhana, got off to an excellent start at the Kannada box office. The film was riding high on back of a very good advance booking specially in Bangalore and Mysore, which shows the remarkable buzz and pre-release interest in the audience for the film. The film had around ~48.2% seats booked from 354 shows (excluding early morning shows) in Bangalore and almost all 33 shows were sold-out in Mysore on Day 1 (at the time of our report). Kurukshetra, despite releasing alongside another Kannada action film 'Kempegowda 2', has still managed to get a lion's share with respect to the screens and shows. While 'Kurukshetra' had 354 shows on Day 1 in Bangalore, 'Kempegowda 2' had only 70 shows. If 'Kempegowda 2' hadn't released on the same day, 'Kurukshetra' would've gotten more screens and shows, and the number of shows in Bangalore would've easily crossed the 400 mark. Another reason for only 354 shows is that the film has a lengthy runtime of more than 3 hours.

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'Kurukshetra' has totally lived-up to its hype and expectations at the box office by collecting a huge sum on its first day. The film collected around an estimated ~7.75 cr. on its first day at the Kannada box office. With this huge collection, 'Kurukshetra' is the HIGHEST OPENING Kannada film of 2019! The previous best opening of 2019 for a Kannada film was Darshan starrer 'Yajamana' which had collected around an estimated ~4.04 cr. on its first day. Kurukshetra's first day collections are almost double to that of 'Yajamana'. Despite torrential rains lashing across Karnataka and the floods all over, the film still managed to put-up a very good box office total. The main reason is that Bangalore is mostly rain-free, from where around 3/4th of the collections of Kannada movies come from. If Bangalore also had witnessed rains and floods like North-Karnataka and Interior-Karnataka, the collections would've been much less. But, if it hadn't rained and if there were no floods across Karnataka, 'Kurukshetra' could've easily collected more at the box office.

Here are some of the Highest Opening Kannada Films in the recent past. (Note: Kannada version only)

1. KGF - 12 cr.
2. The Villain - 8.5 cr.
3. Kurukshetra - 7.75 cr.
4. Pailwaan - 7 cr.

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The collections went down slightly on Saturday (Day 2), but it is the case with all big star Kannada films. 'Kurukshetra' collected around an estimated ~6.65 cr. on its second day at the box office. There are two more holidays on Sunday and Monday (Bakrid) and with the rains slowing down across Karnataka, the film should see another round of good collections, which will set it up for the weekdays.

Day 3 Update: Kurukshetra, after a dip in collections on Saturday, is back on track as it had a rise in collections to the levels of Day 1. With the rains across the state slowing down significantly, and tomorrow again being a holiday due to Bakrid, have boosted the box office collections. The film collected around an estimated ~7.70 crores on its third day (Sunday) at the box office. The first weekend collections for 'Kurukshetra' stand at a very good ~22.10 crores.

Day 4 & 5 Update: Kurukshetra held well at the box office on its first Monday after a huge opening, and the drop in collection is only around ~35% vis-à-vis Friday. The minimal drop is largely due to Monday being a holiday due to Bakrid. The film took a greater drop on Tuesday by about ~50% vis-à-vis Monday. The film has collected around ~30 crores from 5 days, and is already the highest collecting Kannada film of 2019.

Day 6 & 7 Update: Kurukshetra saw minimal drop on Wednesday, and collected around an estimated ~2.5 crores. The film saw a rise in collections of around ~50% on Day 7 (Thursday) despite losing screens to new Bollywood releases like 'Mission Mangal' and 'Batla House' at the multiplexes, and to the new Kannada release 'Gimmick'. But, the screen retention by 'Kurukshetra' was very good, as the new release 'Gimmick' and 'Kurukshetra' had almost the same number of screens. 'Kurukshetra' has ended its first week at the box office and looks to see one more rise in collections in the second weekend. The total box office collection for Kurukshetra at the end of Week 1 is around ~36.35 crores.

2nd Weekend Update: Another good rise in collections for Kurukshetra in the second weekend as it collected around ~10.25 crores at the box office. The film performed well all across Karnataka at all the centres including both the multiplexes and the single screens.

Further updates are in the table below.

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Kurukshetra opened to mixed reviews from the critics, and the audience word-of-mouth is average-to-positive, going by our audience response samples collected at the multiplexes in the first two days.

Scroll down to the bottom of the post for day-wise box office figures in the table below.

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Release Date: 09 August 2019 (Friday)
Language: Kannada
Runtime: 182 Minutes
Genre: Mythology, Action, Drama
Censor Certification: U/A
Screen Count: ~400 (Kannada version only)

Kurukshetra Kannada Film Box Office Collection Breakdown | Day-wise

Timeline Karnataka Bangalore
Day 1 (Fri) 7.75 5.25
Day 2 (Sat) 6.65 4.60
Day 3 (Sun) 7.70 5.15
1st Weekend Total 22.10 cr. 15.00 cr.
Day 4 (Mon) Bakrid Holiday 5.25 3.60
Day 5 (Tue) 2.75 1.80
Day 6 (Wed) 2.50 1.70
Day 7 (Thu) Independence Day 3.75 2.75
1st Week Total 36.35 cr. 24.85 cr.
Day 8 (Fri) 1.90 1.25
Day 9 (Sat) 3.95 1.85
Day 10 (Sun) 4.40 2.75
2nd Weekend Total 10.25 cr. 5.85 cr.
Day 11 (Mon) 1.15 0.75
Day 12 (Tue) 1.10 0.70
Day 13 (Wed) 0.95 0.60
Day 14 (Thu) 0.75 0.50
2nd Week Total 14.20 cr. 8.40 cr.
Day 15 (Fri) 0.70 0.50
Day 16 (Sat) 1.50 0.95
Day 17 (Sun) 2.40 1.60
3rd Weekend Total 4.60 cr. 3.05 cr.
Day 18 (Mon) 0.55 0.33
Day 19 (Tue) 0.50 0.30
Day 20 (Wed) 0.45 0.28
Day 21 (Thu) 0.42 0.25
3rd Week Total 6.52 cr. 4.21 cr.
4th Week Total 3.00 cr. 1.90 cr.
5th Week Total 1.25 cr. 0.75 cr.
6th Week Total 0.50 cr. 0.25 cr.
7th Week Total 0.35 cr. 0.15 cr.
Total So Far 62.17 cr. 40.51 cr.


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