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Pailwaan Box Office Report

Baadshah Pehlwaan; HIT or FLOP?

Pailwaan / Pehlwaan Box Office Collection

The Kannada action-drama 'Pailwaan' starring actor Kichcha Sudeep in the lead role, got off to a good start at the Kannada box office. The start can definitely be considered as good, going by its Thursday release on a non-festival normal working day. But, considering the apparent hype surrounding the film, the all-version opening day business of 'Pailwaan' feels underwhelming, and should've been definitely better. The Kannada version of 'Pailwaan' collected around an estimated ~7 crores on Day 1, which makes it the second HIGHEST OPENING Kannada film of 2019 after 'Kurukshetra'. Kurukshetra Kannada version had collected around ~7.75 crores on Day 1, but the film was released on 9 Aug on the occasion of Vara Mahalaksmi festival, and 'Kurukshetra' was a multistarrer when compared to 'Pailwaan'. Also, the overall 1st Weekend ATP (Average Ticket Price) of 'Kurukshetra' was higher than 'Pailwaan' because of its 3D version. If we compare the Day 1 footfalls of 'Kurkshetra' and 'Pailwaan', they are almost similar. But, the Day 1 per show occupancy of 'Kurukshetra' is a lot better than 'Pailwaan'. While 'Kurukshetra' collected ~5.25 crores in Bangalore on Day 1 from 380 shows, 'Pailwaan' collected ~4.70 crores in Bangalore on Day 1 from 621 shows. 'Pailwaan' Kannada version Day 1 shows started as early as 05:30 AM across Karnataka, but there weren't any mid-night shows like there were for Kichcha Sudeep's previous film 'Hebbuli'.

While Pailwaan's 1st week has no holidays, Kurukshetra's first week was filled with holidays; Day 1 was Vara Mahalakshmi festival, Day 2 & 3 were Saturday and Sunday, Day 4 was Bakrid holiday, and Day 7 was Independence Day. Hence, 'Kurukshetra' was able to sustain better at the box office in the first week than 'Pailwaan'. Whereas 'Pailwaan' had a significant drop of around ~50% on Day 2 which is also a normal working day like Day 1. The film recovered on Day 3 (Saturday) and Day 4 (Sunday) but never reached the level of Day 1 (Thursday) which remains its highest day at the box office.

Here are some of the Highest Opening Kannada Films in the recent past (Note: Kannada version only).

1. KGF Chapter 1 - 12 cr.
2. The Villain       - 8.50 cr.
3. Kurukshetra     - 7.75 cr.
4. Pailwaan          - 7.00 cr.

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'Pailwaan' also had the most number of shows on Day1 for a Kannada movie in Bangalore, at 621 shows. 'Saaho' had the most number of shows on Day1 in Bangalore in 2019, at 816 shows. 'Pailwaan' was released in around an estimated ~500 screens across Karnataka, whuch is around 100 screens more than 'Kurukshetra'. There are around a total of ~830 screens (single screens + multiplexes) in Karnataka.

'Pailwaan' was dubbed into 4 other languages namely Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. While the Kannada version got off to a good start, the other language versions struggled at the box office. Of the dubbed versions, Telugu version had a somewhat average 1st weekend, followed by Hindi which was below-average. The Tamil version had a poor 1st weekend, and the Malayalam version was a non-entity at the Malayalam box office.

The Hindi dubbed version of 'Pailwaan', named as 'Baadshah Pehlwaan', was released a day later on 13 Sep (the other versions were released on 12 Sep) due to delays in getting the CBFC certificate. 'Baadshah Pehlwaan' was released in around an estimated ~400 screens, but struggled to retain those screens past-Day1 owing to poor performance. The film had 160 shows in Mumbai and 165 shows in Delhi NCR on Day 1. The shows were reduced on Day 2, Mumbai had 125 and Delhi NCR had 135 shows. On Day 3 and Day 4, Mumbai and Delhi NCR had 66 and 74 shows respectively. 'Baadshah Pehlwaan' lost considerable number of screens to the better performing Hindi films like 'Dream Girl', 'Chhichhore' and 'Section 375'.

The Kannada version of 'Pailwaan' had a good Day 1 advance booking specially in Bangalore, Mysore, Tumkur, Shimoga and Gulbarga. Day 1 advance booking was poor in Mangalore as only ~8.6% seats were booked from 26 shows in 3 theatres.

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Scroll down to the bottom of this article for detailed day-wise, city-wise, language-wise box office collection figures in the tables below.

Pailwaan Day 1 Advance Tickets Sold in a Few Select Cinemas in Bengaluru

Innovative M'plex - 431/2812 15.3%
Sandhya 4K - 986/4230 23.3%
Manasa RGB - 1435/3144 45.6%
Urvashi 4K - 3033/5500 54.6%
Brundha 4K - 1557/4248 36.6%
Gopalan Arcade - 2091/2740 76%
PVR Sapphire - 929/2695 34.5%

As On Time: 11 Sep, 9:30 PM

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Day 5 & 6 Update: Pailwaan on its first Monday suffered a more than desirable drop of around ~65% vis-à-vis Sunday, and if we compare it to Day 1 (Thu) then the drop is around ~75%. The current trend for 'Pailwaan' does not look good, and it has to hold really well in the weekdays and show very good rise in the second weekend to have any chance to emerge as a success at the box office at least in the Kannada version.

End of Week 1 Update: 'Pailwaan' has collected around ~29 crores in its first week at the box office from all five language versions. The overall 1st week box office performance of the film is mediocre and suffered sharp falls throughout the week. The non-Kannada versions (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam) of the film have thoroughly under-performed and have fared way below the expectations. Apart from the Kannada version, all the other dubbed versions of the film are out of 99% of the cinemas in just a week and are box office flops. The Kannada version still has a chance till Oct 2.

End of Week 2 Update: 'Pailwaan' collected a meagre ~5 crores in its second week, which is around ~85% down from the 1st week collection. Of the 5 crores, 4.5 crores came from the Kannada version and 0.5 crores from the Telugu version. Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam versions were out of the cinemas in the first week itself. Looking at the trend, it is very clear where the film is heading towards at the box office. The film will almost finish its box office run even in its Kannada version on Oct 2 when biggies releasing on that day will snatch most of its remaining screens.

Week 3, 4 & 5 collection update figures are in the table below.

Release Date: 12 Sep 2019 (Thursday)
Language: Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam
Runtime: 166 Minutes
Genre: Action, Drama
Censor Certification: U/A
Screen Count in Karnataka As On Day 1: Est. 500 Apprx.

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Pailwaan / Pehlwaan Box Office Collection Breakdown | Day-wise

Timeline India (All Versions)
Day 1 (Thu) 7.53
Day 2 (Fri) 4.24
Day 3 (Sat) 5.12
Day 4 (Sun) 6.56
Day 5 (Mon) 1.87
Day 6 (Tue) 1.61
Day 7 (Wed) 1.18
Day 8 (Thu) 0.95
1st Week Total 29.06 cr.
2nd Week Total 5.00 cr.
3rd Week Total 1.90 cr.
4th Week Total 0.35 cr.
5th Week Total 0.15 cr.
Total So Far 36.46 cr.

Language-wise Collections Breakdown
Timeline Kannada Hindi Tamil Telugu Malayalam
Day 1 (Thu) 7.00 - 0.08 0.45 0.003
Day 2 (Fri) 3.60 0.25 0.08 0.30 0.008
Day 3 (Sat) 4.25 0.40 0.10 0.35 0.012
Day 4 (Sun) 5.50 0.60 0.09 0.35 0.017
Day 5 (Mon) 1.50 0.15 0.06 0.16 -
Day 6 (Tue) 1.25 0.15 0.04 0.17 -
Day 7 (Wed) 0.90 0.10 0.04 0.14 -
Day 8 (Thu) 0.75 0.05 0.03 0.12 -
1st Week Total 24.75 cr. 1.70 cr. 0.52 cr. 2.04 cr. 0.05 cr.
2nd Week Total 4.50 cr. - cr. - cr. 0.50 cr. - cr.
3rd Week Total 1.75 cr. - cr. - cr. 0.15 cr. - cr.
4th Week Total 0.35 cr. - cr. - cr. - cr. - cr.
5th Week Total 0.15 cr. - cr. - cr. - cr. - cr.
Total 31.50 cr. 1.70 cr. 0.52 cr. 2.69 cr. 0.05 cr.

Region-wise Collections Breakdown
Timeline Bangalore Hyderabad Chennai
Day 1 (Thu) 4.70 0.20 0.03
Day 2 (Fri) 2.45 0.10 0.04
Day 3 (Sat) 2.90 0.10 0.04
Day 4 (Sun) 3.65 0.15 0.04
Day 5 (Mon) 1.00 0.07 0.03
Day 6 (Tue) 0.80 0.07 0.02
Day 7 (Wed) 0.65 0.06 0.02
Day 8 (Thu) 0.55 0.05 0.01
1st Week Total 16.70 cr. 0.80 cr. 0.23 cr.
2nd Week Total 3.00 cr. 0.01 cr. - cr.
3rd Week Total 1.10 cr. - cr. - cr.
4th Week Total 0.20 cr. - cr. - cr.
5th Week Total 0.08 cr. - cr. - cr.
Total 21.08 cr. 0.81 cr. 0.23 cr.


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