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Ghost (2019) Box Office

Ghost Hindi Horror Movie: HIT or FLOP?

Ghost Hindi Movie Box Office Collection Report

Ghost 1st Week Box Office Collection

'Ghost' is out of the cinemas in just one week of its release at the box office. Because of its poor performance at the box office, and also, 'Ghost' had to move away to make space for the three new Diwali season Bollywood releases, namely 'Housefull 4', 'Made In China' and 'Saand Ki Aankh'. 'Ghost' added only around ~70 lakhs more to its 1st weekend box office tally of ~1.40 crores, which took the first week total to a poor ~2.10 crores. 'Ghost's first week collection is its lifetime collection at the box office.

Ghost Total Lifetime Box Office Collection:- ~2.10 cr.

Ghost 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

'Ghost', after a paltry first day collection, din't see much improvement in its business at the box office over the weekend. 'Ghost' had collected around ~30 lakhs on its opening day, and on Saturday and Sunday, the film collected ~50 lakhs and ~60 lakhs respectively, to take its first weekend total to around ~1.40 crores. The film isn't going anywhere at the box office with such meagre collections even if the cost of the film is on the lower side. 'Ghost' is another flop in the long list of flops for director Vikram Bhatt, and 'Ghost' marks his 6th box office failure in row since 2012. The film will be pretty much completely out of the cinemas from this coming Friday, as new Diwali releases will be hitting the screens. 'Ghost' was released alongside actor Saif Ali Khan 'Laal Kaptaan' which is also hit by the same fate.

1st Day Collection - 0.30 cr.
2nd Day Collection - 0.50 cr.
3rd Day Collection - 0.60 cr.

Ghost 1st Weekend Collection:- ~1.40 cr.

Ghost 1st Day Box Office Collection

Director Vikram Bhatt's latest horror offering, 'Ghost', which was released in around an estimated 500 screens across India, opened to a very dull response on its first day at the box office. A significant number of the morning shows had to be cancelled due to low audience turn-out which didn't meet the minimum numbers that is required for running a show. The absolute lack of audience interest and awareness about the film along with the film's zero face-value, were very much evident at the ticket windows. 'Ghost' was released along with the only another notable film, 'Laal Kaptaan', among the bunch of small-scaled releases this Friday.

Going by the current overall occupancy for Day 1, and even if we believe that the film might witness an increase in the occupancy in the evening and the night shows, the first box office collection of 'Ghost' can only be around 0.25 crores. It is not as if the 1st day figures were unexpected/shocking, it was always going to be the case, and we had predicted the same in our 'pre-release box office prediction & analysis'.

1st Day Collection - 0.25 crores India (Early Estimate).

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Ghost (2019) 1st Day Collection Prediction Analysis

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt is back with yet another Horror film, this time titled as 'Ghost'. And, the film is all set for a release on Friday 18th October. 'Ghost' features TV actress Sanaya Irani and actor Shivam Bhargava in the lead roles. The film is releasing alongside Saif Ali Khan's 'Laal Kaptaan' at the box office this Friday. In this post, we'll try to analyse the box office prospects of the film, and predict the film's first day box office collection.

Vikram Bhatt's last HIT film as a director was 'Raaz 3', which was released back in 2012. Thereafter, his films have been flopping badly at the box office, and he is not in his best of his forms when it comes to getting the audience to the cinemas. Since 2012, all of his 5 films as a director, of which 3 are horror films, have failed to make any mark at the box office. But, all of them at least had some kind of face-value and recognizable actors as their leads. Be it Bipasha Basu, Emraan Hashmi or other actors with recognizable film work; someone the movie-going audience would be familiar with. Here, however, the lead actors or let's say the entire cast of the film are unfamiliar faces. Sanaya Irani has done considerable work in the TV domain, but she is a completely new face when it comes to the movies.

And, films with new faces don't open well at the box office, unless they create a good pre-release hype, interest and buzz for themselves. As for 'Ghost', there is no evident buzz/hype/interest. And, the release is pretty much being a silent affair; looks like the makers are just banking on the Horror genre and the director's name to get the audience to the film. But, because of the film's lack of a face-value and the dull pre-release vibes, the response at the box office on day 1 is going to be cold, and the film won't be able get an appreciable opening. The cold response from the audience will continue unless the film turns-out to be exceptionally well-made and receives a good audience word-of-mouth publicity.

We believe, the opening day collections for the film 'Ghost' will be similar to another Horror film named 'Amavas' which was released earlier this year in February. The film 'Amavas' had Sachin Joshi and Nargis Fakhri in the lead roles, and was directed by Bhushan Patel of 'Ragini MMS 2' and '1920: Evil Returns' fame. The film had collected around ~60 lakhs on its first day at the box office. And, 'Ghost's 1st day collections will also be around the same figure. 'Amavas' had ended its box office run by collecting less than 3 crores in its lifetime, and 'Ghost's fate at the box office will be the same unless it witnesses some extraordinary audience turn-out past day 1.

'Ghost' trailer was released on Youtube on 23rd September, and so far has around 7.5 million views. The trailer looks decent, and makes the film seem to be decently made as well. But, honestly, appears to be pretty cliched, but hope the film has pulled-out something different to engage the audience. We have to wait, to see what the audience response will be at the cinemas. But, apart from the horror movie buffs, we don't think many others would be that interested in watching this film at the theatres.

Overall, 'Ghost' will struggle at the box office on its first day, and might collect around 0.25-1.00 crore on day 1. The film will continue to struggle and wrap-up under 3-4 crores, unless it receives a significantly good audience and critical response.

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Ghost (2019) Screen Count Estimates

Total Screen Count - Around an expected ~800-1000 screens all across India.

UPDATE: 'Ghost' is releasing in around an estimated ~500 screens across India, which is less than what we expected before. This screen count is way less than Vikram Bhatt's last Horror film '1921' was released in around ~1500 screens.

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Ghost (2019) Hindi Movie Budget Estimates

Total budget - Around an estimated ~15 Crores (CoP + P&A)

Ghost (2019) 1st Day Box Office Collection Prediction

Day 1 (Friday): 0.25-1.00 cr.

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