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The unexpectedly massive success story from the Kannada film industry, KGF, which propelled actor Yash into the national scene, has released its sequel, the second part in the series, KGF Chapter 2. The film team helmed by director Prashanth Neel, who already had a blockbuster Kannada action film named 'Ugramm' to his credit before 'KGF', has roped in Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt to play the role of an antagonist character named 'Adheera' for the second part. The second part promises to be bigger, and the KGF team pumped-up by the film's amazing success, is definitely aiming big.

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But, amidst all of this, another important question has come-up. Which is, will there be another part in the KGF series after Chapter 2? Will there be KGF Chapter 3? We will answer the question in this article, read on.

LATEST UPDATE: LOOKS LIKE THERE WILL BE A CHAPTER 3! The ending of KGF Chapter 2 suggests that KGF Chapter 3 might be in the making! Will it be a new story or a continuation? Will 'Rocking Star' yash be the hero? We will have to wait and see. But, looks like CHAPTER 3 is COMING!

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Director of the KGF series, Prashanth Neel, in a tweet of his, has indirectly and probably unknowingly hinted about the possibility of KGF Chapter 3. While putting-out a tweet about KGF Chapter 2, welcoming actor Sanjay Dutt on board, he wrote "Let's see how this epic story ends!". Which pretty much means, that KGF Chapter 2 will mark the end of the story of Kolar Gold Fields and Rocky bhai. And, that there are currently no plans about KGF Chapter 3, as KGF Chapter 2 will conclude the story that was left in the hanging after KGF Chapter 1. And, there are also reports of director Prashanth Neel being approached to direct big-star Telugu films, which also signals that KGF Chapter 2 will be the concluding part of the series, and there will be no KGF Chapter 3.

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KGF Chapter 1 collected around ~200 crores in India alone, and if KGF Chapter 2 can double-up the collections or collect even more than double, then you never know, the makers might actually come-up with KGF Chapter 3 or may be even a spin-off film based on Yash's Rocky character. But, before KGF Chapter 3, let's first look forward to the release of Chapter 2. Chapter 3 is still too very far to actually even speculate!

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