Screen Count: Housefull 4 vs Made In China vs Saand Ki Aaankh

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Housefull 4 Screen Count

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Screen Count Analysis: Housefull 4 vs Made In China vs Saand Ki Aaankh

The Diwali box office release scene has already heated-up with the confirmed releases of three Bollywood films, with none of the three films backing-out of the clash. With just 5 days to go for the big Diwali Bollywood release bonanza, we will discuss the expected screen counts of the upcoming movies this Friday. It will be a certain three-way clash at the Bollywood box office with the simultaneous release of 3 films, namely 'Housefull 4', 'Made In China' and 'Saand Ki Aankh'. Akshay Kumar's big-budget comedy film, 'Housefull 4', is the biggest film among the three.

'Housefull 4' is being distributed by Fox Star Studios, 'Made In China' by Anil Thadani of AA films, and 'Saand Ki Aankh' by Reliance Entertainment. While the first two films, 'Housefull 4' and 'Made In China', belong to the comedy genre, 'Saand Ki Aankh' is biographical sports-drama. The advance ticket booking for 'Housefull 4' has already started, and it is yet to start for the other two films.

Because of the bigger budget and the bigger star cast, and being a part of a successful film franchise, 'Housefull 4' has a significantly lot more box office potential than the other two releases. And, perhaps the only film among the three that can get to a double digit opening, most probably past the 20 or even the 25 crore mark. Hence, 'Housefull 4' has a better bargaining position and an upper hand in the screens tussle between the three films, and will get the most number of screens this coming Friday. And, coming to the other two releases, 'Made In China', in our opinion, is a considerably bigger film with better box office potential than 'Saand Ki Aankh'. 'Saand Ki Aankh' lacks a male lead actor, and is in fact led by two female actors. As for not being politically correct, the fact is that films without a notable male lead actor seldom open big, but they grow at the box office in the later days depending upon the film's content and audience word-of-mouth. But, the days of big first day box office opening without a male lead actor are still far away. And, if we go by the trailers, 'Made In China' looks more interesting than 'Saand Ki Aankh'. And, even by the names of the two films, 'Saand Ki Aankh' doesn't sound much appealing, specially when the film is trying target the family audience, and let's not talk about the southern audience. The title of the film sounds like a gaali, to be honest. And, honestly, 'Saand Ki Aankh' is a small film, and by entering the clash, it is just piggybacking on the buzz created by the other two films to get better publicity and opening.

But, it's not just the Bollywood films' 3-way clash that will eat into each other's screens. There are big-star films from the southern states lined-up for the Diwali release, notable one being actor 'Thalapathy' Vijay's Tamil sports action-drama, 'Bigil'. Remember, how 'Sye Raa' limited 'War's screen count in the south. Pretty much same will be the case for Bollywood films this time in southern states during Diwali, as Bigil will have a good number of screens for itself in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and to some extent in AP/TG as a Telugu dubbed version of the film, 'Whistle', is releasing there.

It will be a tough fight for the screens at the box office this Diwali, and it will be an interesting one. Ok, now let's get down to the numbers. Below are the screen count figures we expect the films to release in. More accurate screen count figures will be published later in our screen count report in the coming days. And, remember, one screen can completely be dedicated to one movie, or can be shared by two or even three to four films. But, along with the number of allotted screens, the seating capacity of the screens, and the number of shows particularly in those bigger seat count screens will also matter.

Here are our expected screen count numbers:-

Housefull 4 - 3000-3200 screens
Made In China - 1300-1400 screens
Saand Ki Aankh - 800-900 screens

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