Drive Hindi Movie Review: This B-Grade Trashy Mash-up is Still Better Than Nolan Acharya's 'Dhoom 3'

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Drive Movie Review

Stale junk gets dumped on Netflix

Drive Hindi Movie Review | Analysis

What do you expect when you see a movie titled as 'Drive', and its posters carrying images of cars chasing each other? Well-choreographed or at least decent car racing/chasing sequences, right? 'Drive' has none of it, NONE. Almost all of the car sequences are atrociously choreographed, badly shot and poorly edited. Even the VFX in some of the scenes involving cars are outright shoddy. PC games which are more than a decade old have a lot better sequences and better graphics. The filmmakers have realized the trash that they have produced, hence the digital release instead of a theatrical one. And, therefore this film gets dumped on Netflix. There is another movie on Netflix named as 'Drive', which is a 2011 English language crime drama. Our Bollywood 'Drive' is not a remake, and has nothing to do with that film, both plot-wise and quality-wise.

The very first car racing sequence gives you an idea of what's about to come. The whole film is as amateurish, unsatisfying and unconvincing as its action sequences. The inexperience shows in every department, be it casting, camera work or direction. Even the script appeared to have written by a movie-junkie juvenile in his mom's basement, but the movie credits told me that it is Tarun Mansukhani who wrote this film.

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez who plays an important character of a street-racer-cum-thief, is never convincing in her role. The very first time she appears on screen, she gets out of a sports car, she is clearly gorgeous, also the camera lets you to meticulously appreciate her beauty. Obviously, I thought she is there in the car to motivate the driver through her invigorating beauty. And after she got out of the car, I was waiting for the driver of the car to get-out as well, only to realize that she was the one driving in her thigh-slit dress and pencil-heeled sandals! And, throughout the film, never once was she convincing in her role, and always appeared like she was there in the film as an eye-candy. In fact, she has played the central character in the film, and because of the monotonous and superficial portrayal, it never lent any seriousness to the character for it to be taken seriously. And, the same is true for all the other characters as well; shallowly written cardboard cut-outs. Actually, the entire film is scrappily written.

Sushanth Singh Rajput acts like as if he has no idea why he is there in the film, and has almost the same expression and attitude throughout the film. But, to be fair to him, just like all the other characters, his character is also written in such a disposable way, that there is no character to his character for him to enact. Other than him being himself throughout the film.

'Drive' is about a notorious thief, 'King', who leaves the 'K - King' playing card at the place of the robbery, every time. 'King' now intends to rob Rashtrapathi Bhavan, and the alerted authorities send a police officer in the guise of a street racer to infiltrate the gang. What's in the Rashtrapathi Bhavan to rob? A corrupt bureaucrat named Vibha Singh's secret fortune stashed in the Bhavan. 'King' and gang has to fool all the security systems at the Bhavan, get-in and get-out with the stash without getting caught. Can they do it? Watch the film! The story of 'Drive' is an obvious mash-up of multiple inspirations stemming-out of many racing/heist films. And, 'Drive' is an adulterated B-grade version of its inspired films. 'Drive' is a coloured paper fruit that never quite matches the real one.

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The narration is pretty much linear and the runtime is just under 2 hours. And, the unintelligent script adds to the film some unintentional comical entertainment. It becomes obvious while watching the film that the makers thought of their audience to be stupid but they've themselves ended-up looking stupid. But, even with all its minuses, the film doesn't get stagnated anywhere, smoothly flows forwards and isn't unnecessarily convoluted. And, even with all of its stupidity, 'Drive' is actually comparatively less stupid, less tedious and more watchable than 'Dhoom 3'. In fact, 'Drive' made me to remember 'Dhoom 3' because of a similar plot-point between the two films, hence the comparison.

Overall, you can give 'Drive' a shot if you've got too much time to kill. Otherwise, you can easily skip this film. There are many other better films to watch.

Rating - 2/5

- Review by Aditya.

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