Good Newwz Screen Count Report: Region-wise Full Screen Count

Good Newwz aka Good News Movie Screen Count Poster Exclusive: 'Good Newwz' aka 'Good News' Screen Count Report

Release Date: 27 December 2019 (Friday)
Language: Hindi
Runtime: 134 Minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Censor Certification: U/A
Screen Count Estimate in India: Approx 4000 Screens Official Estimate - 3100 Screens India
First Day Advance Booking: See Good Newwz Advance Booking Report

The following figures/data are for DAY 1 (Friday, 27 Dec).

Report last updated on 26 Dec, 11:00 PM IST.

Place Multiplex Single Screens Total Show Count
Delhi NCR 84 20 104 1065
Mumbai 77 43 120 1124
Pune 27 14 41 425
Bengaluru 34 12 46 256
Hyderabad 34 17 51 243
Kolkata 29 15 44 305
Ahmedabad 29 10 39 397
Patna 01 04 05 25
Lucknow 10 04 14 147
Bhopal 06 07 13 109
Jaipur 16 01 17 156
Bhubhaneswar 04 04 08 70
Chennai 20 00 20 67
Chandigarh 13 00 13 166
Total from 14 Places 384 151 535 4555

The comedy-drama film, 'Good Newwz' aka 'Good News', starring actor Akshay Kumar in the lead role along with Kareena Kapoor, Kiara Advani and Diljit Dosanjh, is the solo Bollywood release this Friday. The film is releasing just a week after the release of big-star Bollywood movie, 'Dabangg 3', starring actor Salman Khan. 'Good Newwz' has been allotted a very good number of shows at the multiplexes, however, the film had to slightly compromise at the single screens as 'Dabangg 3' is holding on to a good chunk of its Week 1 screens at the single screens. At a good number of the single screens where 'Dabangg 3' is allotted for Week 2, the film' has all 4/5 shows allotted for itself, like for example Neelam Theatre in Chandigarh, and at rest of the single screens 'Good Newwz' has either 1/2 shows.

If we compare our screen count reports, 'Dabangg 3' was released in 215 single screens from 14 places, while 'Good Newwz' has 151 single screens for its release, which is still good as 'Good Newwz' seemingly tilts towards the urban multiplex audience. The overall screen count for 'Good Newwz' has far exceeded all the expectations, as the expected screen count for film was around 3000-3200 screens. However, 'Good Newwz' is now looking to release in around 4000 screens all-over India. Update: Official Estimate - 3100 Screens India, Overseas - 700 Screens.

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