Malang Day-wise Box Office Collection Report, Screen Count and Budget

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Malang Collection

Malang; HIT or FLOP?

Malang Total Box Office Collection Till Date

Malang Day-wise Box Office Collection Breakdown

Day 1 (Fri) 6.00 6.71
Day 2 (Sat) 7.65 8.89
Day 3 (Sun) 8.25 9.76
1st Weekend Total 21.90 cr. 25.36 cr.
Day 4 (Mon) 3.70 4.04
Day 5 (Tue) 3.45 3.80
Day 6 (Wed) 3.20 3.25
Day 7 (Thu) 2.95 3.20
1st Week Total 35.20 cr. 39.65 cr.
Day 8 (Fri) 1.85 2.25
Day 9 (Sat) 2.25 2.52
Day 10 (Sun) 2.75 3.25
2nd Weekend Total 6.85 cr. 8.02 cr.
Day 11 (Mon) 1.20 1.53
Day 12 (Tue) 1.20 1.49
Day 13 (Wed) 1.05 1.40
Day 14 (Thu) 1.10 1.47
2nd Week Total 11.40 cr. 13.91 cr.
Day 15 (Fri) 0.60 0.75
Day 16 (Sat) 0.80 0.95
Day 17 (Sun) 1.00 1.20
3rd Weekend Total 2.40 cr. 2.90 cr.
Day 18 (Mon) 0.40 0.38
Day 19 (Tue) 0.35 0.38
Day 20 (Wed) 0.30 0.40
Day 21 (Thu) 0.30 0.42
3rd Week Total 3.75 cr. 4.48 cr.
4th Week Total 1.25 cr. -
5th Week Total 0.25 cr. -
Total So Far 51.85 cr. 58.04 cr.

Day-wise Bangalore Figures ↓

Timeline Bangalore
Day 1 (Fri) 0.25
Day 2 (Sat) 0.40
Day 3 (Sun) 0.35
1st Weekend Total 1.00 cr.
Day 4 (Mon) 0.12
Day 5 (Tue) 0.10
Day 6 (Wed) 0.10
Day 7 (Thu) 0.09
1st Week Total 1.41 cr.
Day 8 (Fri) 0.06
Day 9 (Sat) 0.10
Day 10 (Sun) 0.11
2nd Weekend Total 0.27 cr.
Day 11 (Mon) 0.04
Day 12 (Tue) 0.03
Day 13 (Wed) 0.03
Day 14 (Thu) 0.04
2nd Week Total 0.41 cr.
Day 15 (Fri) 0.02
Day 16 (Sat) 0.04
Day 17 (Sun) 0.04
3rd Weekend Total 0.10 cr.
Day 18 (Mon) 0.01
Day 19 (Tue) 0.01
Day 20 (Wed) 0.01
Day 21 (Thu) 0.01
3rd Week Total 0.14 cr.
4th Week Total 0.04 cr.
5th Week Total 0.01 cr.
Total So Far 2.01 cr.

Malang Screen Count as on Day 1

Total Screens - Around an estimated ~2850 screens all across India.

'Malang' was relatively the major Bollywood release of this week. Among all the new releases this week, 'Malang' got the biggest portion of the screen space.

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Malang Movie Budget

Budget - Around an estimated ~50 crores (CoP + P&A)


Verdict - Average.

Malang Box Office Notes

Opening Note - 'Malang' opened in the expected range at the box office. The film collected around 6 crores on Day 1. 'Malang' was released alongside 'Shikara' and other smaller-scaled releases, and 'Malang' relatively dominated the box office this Friday. Being an action film, 'Malang' should've opened better, at least around 8 crores on first day would've put the film in a better position. But, the leading man of the film is not quite mass-friendly, as all of his previous films as a solo lead have been romantic dramas which catered to different audience. And yet, 'Malang' is the highest opening film for Aditya Roy Kapoor so far. His previous highest opener was 'Aashiqui 2', which had opened at around 5.10 crores. The film, needless to say, has to show good growth in the weekend days.

Day 2 (Saturday) Collection Update: 'Malang' grew by around 25-30% on Saturday, which is quite underwhelming. The film collected around 7.65 crores on Day 2, taking the overall two days total to 13.65 crores.

Day 3 (Sunday) Collection Update: 'Malang' showed only around 5-10% growth on Sunday vis-à-vis Saturday. And, even Saturday growth was an unimpressive 25-30%. The film needed to show better growth in the weekends, and this stunted growth pretty much reflects the not-so-good audience word-of-mouth for the film. 'Malang' has collected around approx 22 crores in its first three days at the box office, and needs to hold well in the weekdays.

Monday (Day 4) Collection Update: 'Malang' held decently well on Monday as the drop in collections when compared to Friday is around 35-40%. The film collected around ~3.70 crores on Day 4, which takes the overall four days box-office total to 25.60 crores.

Tuesday (Day 5) Collection Update: The drop in collections on Tuesday when compared to Monday is around 5-10%. 'Malang' is holding decently well so far in the weekdays, still, the next two days collections and the film's hold against the upcoming release 'Love Aaj Kal' this coming Friday will be crucial. 'Malang's total collection till date is 29.05 crores from its 5-days run at the box office.

2nd Friday Collection Update: 'Malang' dropped by around 35-40% on its second Friday vis-à-vis Thursday. The new release of this week, 'Love Aaj Kal', has taken away a significant portion of 'Malang's screens. 'Malang' collected around 1.85 crores on Day 8, which takes the overall 8 days box-office total to 37.05 crores.

2nd Saturday (Day 9) Update: The film saw a rise of around 20% on second Saturday vis-à-vis 2nd Friday. 'Malang' collected around 2.25 crores on Day-9 to take its overall 9 days box-office collection total to 39.30 crores.

Malang 2nd Sunday Collection: Malang collected around 2.75 crores on its second Sunday, which takes the second weekend total to around 6.85 crores. The drop from 1st weekend to 2nd weekend is around 65-70%. The 10 days box-office collection of Malang stands at approx 42 crores.

2nd Monday Collection: The film has held well on its second Monday, and seems to have benefited from the failure of 'Love Aaj Kal'. 'Malang' collected around 1.20 crores on Day 11, and the film might continue to do well in the rest of the weekdays till the new Friday releases 'Bhoot Part 1' and 'Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan' arrive.

2nd Week Collection: 'Malang' had a decent second week, as the new release 'Love Aaj Kal' failed to make a mark at the box office. The film collected around 11.40 crores in its 2nd week, which takes the overall 14 days total to 46.60 crores.

3rd Friday Collection: 'Malang' collected a healthy 60 lakhs on its 3rd Friday, which is only around 45% drop from the previous day, and this is despite the two new releases at the box office. In fact, 'Malang's third Friday collection is better than the second Friday collection of 'Love Aaj Kal'. With this appreciable hold, 'Malang' is now looking forward to put-up healthy total again in the 3rd weekend.

3rd Weekend Collection:  'Malang' had a pretty good third weekend at the box office, as it collected around an estimated ~2.40 crores. The film collected 60 lakhs, 80 lakhs and 1 crore on its third Friday, third Saturday and third Sunday respectively. 'Malang', so far, has accumulated around 49 crores from its 17 days run at the cinemas in India, which is quite a decent result for the film.

4th Week Collection: 'Malang' collected another 1.25 crores in its fourth week at the box office. With the release of 'Baaghi 3' this Friday, 'Malang' has lost almost all of its screens and it won't be adding anything significant to its total hereafter. The total collection of 'Malang' till date stands at around 51.60 crores, and it was an average film at the box-office.


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