Sam Bahadur Movie Review: All Critics' Review Round-Up

Sam Bahadur Hindi Movie Review
Sam Bahadur Review Consensus: Average

'Sam Bahadur' is an action drama featuring actors Vicky Kaushal and Fatima Sana Shaikh in the lead roles. Sam Bahadur is based on the life of Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw. Sam Bahadur is directed by Meghna Gulzar. 'Sam Bahadur' released on 01st Dec 2023. The film has a runtime of 150 minutes. Here, we bring you all the critic reviews and ratings of 'Sam Bahadur'.

Sam Bahadur Critic Reviews & Ratings

Vicky Kaushal has delivered a commendable effort, but 'Sam Bahadur' falls short of being a cinematic experience to be savoured in its entirety, offering enjoyment only in fragmented segments.

  • NDTV | Review By - Saibal Chatterjee | Rating-3.5/5
Without the fine balance that Meghna Gulzar strikes between ambition and restraint, neither the spirited central performance nor its emotional (and cinematic) payoff would have been quite as remarkable.

But the film suffers from being excessively declamatory, with the background music overpowering the momentous events and the towering individuals on screen

  • India Today | Review By - Tushar Joshi | Rating-2.5/5
'Sam Bahadur' is an engaging watch. However, it would have been a better film had its different threads come together in a more seamless fashion.

  • Firstpost | Review By - Ganesh Aaglave | Rating-3/5
While Sam Bahadur is not the best work of Meghna Gulzar, Vicky Kaushal’s impeccable act makes it a decent watch.

  • Rediff | Review By - Sukanya Verma | Rating-2.5/5
Sam Bahadur is much too content by Vicky's transformation and neglects to give the characters around him any value.

  • The Hindu | Review By - Anuj Kumar | Rating-NA
Sam Bahadur has enough firepower to keep us invested.

  • Scroll | Review By - Nandini Ramnath | Rating-NA
Kaushal’s debonair ways enliven a biopic that has the back-thumping and crease-flattening attitude typical of the official account.

Facile and forgettable vignette reel powered by Vicky Kaushal.

Sam Bahadur is eventually a treat for all Vicky Kaushal fans, in fact, even the ones who are not his fans. He shines bright and everything else dims a bit.

However, the biopic makes the mistake of conveying him through the lens of modern nationalism. It believes in what he stands for, but only talks the walk.

  • Live Mint | Review By - Uday Bhatia | Rating-NA
Sam Bahadur is hardly unwatchable—it’s just a waste of a good director, cast and subject.

  • Quint | Review By - Pratikshya Mishra | Rating-3/5
Sam Bahadur isn’t a bad movie by any standards; the film’s heart is in the right place but it doesn't beat with enough conviction to make it a brilliant watch.

  • News 18 | Review By - Sonil Dedhia | Rating-3/5
Vicky Kaushal Delivers His Career Best Performance, Outshines Sardar Udham.