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Pagalpanti: HIT or FLOP?

Pagalpanti Day 1 Collection Prediction | Analysis

'Pagalpanti' is a masala-comedy film directed by Anees Bazmee, featuring actor John Abraham as its lead, and is all-set to release at the box office on 22nd November. The film appears to be a continuation of the 'Welcome' comedy franchise, on the surface level; and although this film is named differently, the prominent shades of the two 'Welcome' films are quite apparent. Like 'Pagalpanti', Anees Bazmee was also at the helm of the 'Welcome' films as a director. So, can 'Pagalpanti' work the magic at the box office like 'Welcome' and 'Welcome Back' did? We'll have to wait to see. In this post, we'll try to analyse the box office prospects, and the predict the first day box office collection of 'Pagalpanti'.

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The film is releasing on 22nd November, and is practically a solo release at the box office, as there is only a smaller film named 'Yeh Saali Aashiqui' releasing on the same day. 'Smaller' with respect to its budget, release-scale, star-cast, hype, box-office prospects and most other things as well. Obviously,  'Yeh Saali Aashiqui' is no match to 'Pagalpanti' at the box office.

Update: 'Yeh Saali Aashiqui' has been postponed by a week, and will now release on 29th November. Even though 'Yeh Saali Aashiqui's release wouldn't have made any difference to 'Pagalpanti's release, but still, the postponement of the films means relatively more screens to 'Pagalpanti' this Friday.

So, there will not be much competition at the box office for 'Pagalpanti, and it will be the only masala-comedy genre film at the time of its release, as another masala-comedy, 'Housefull 4', which was released on 25 Oct, has already considerably slowed-down at the box office and will almost be out of the cinemas by the time 'Pagalpanti' hits the screen. But, the masala-action film titled 'Marjaavaan', featuring Siddharth Malhotra and Riteish Deshmukh, which released just a week ahead of 'Pagalpanti', can actually compete with 'Pagalpanti' as it can hold onto a good number of its screens especially at the single screen cinemas if it sustains well in its first week at the box office. But, if 'Marjaavaan' fails to make a mark at the box office in its 1st week, it will lose significant number of its screens to 'Pagalpanti', and there will mostly be no film hindering 'Pagalpanti's fortunes at the cinemas for at least one week till another film named 'Commando 3' releases, which also tilts towards the single screen or mass audience.

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The last time director Anees Bazmee and actor John Abraham worked together was for the film 'Welcome Back' in 2015, which had collected around ~14 crores on its opening day at the box office. The movie was a sequel to film 'Welcome', and both the 'Welcome' films are Anees Bazmee style masala-comedy films, which is what 'Pagalpanti' is also as well. And, 'Pagalpanti' has enough star-power to get noticed by the movie-goers and to pull its target audience towards the box office. John Abraham has had good box office results in the recent past, and should be able to give the film at least a decent box-office boost because of his presence. But, the film will be more dependent upon the genre's box-office pull, and the buzz/hype created by the film's promos.

Director Anees Bazmee has had his fair share of successes and failures in his career as a director, but when it comes to masala-comedy genre films, his success ratio has been pretty good of late. Which shows that his target audience has liked most of his box office servings. And, no matter how "mindless" his movies may turn-out to be, they will most definitely stay true to his brand of film-making without any compromise and will mostly be loved by the target audience. He has been in the movie business for a long time now, and over the course of time, I believe, has developed a knack of catching the pulse of the masala-movie loving audience, and won't hold back from going all-out to make his films as "entertaining" as possible.

Makers of 'Pagalpanti' have released two trailers of the film till now, and going by both the trailers, 'Pagalpanti' appears to be an extension of the 'Welcome' brand of comedy with the same kind of buffoonery from its characters and even the same 'Welcome' recycled music playing in the background, but apparently at a more madder level. The second trailer is actually better than the first one, as the second one makes the film seem more funnier. The first trailer had moments which, I thought, fell-flat and were quite boring. The first trailer may have actually failed to generate sufficient audience-interest and buzz to satisfy the filmmakers, hence the release of the second trailer.

Overall, keeping all the factors in mind along with the current buzz and pre-release interest for the film, 'Pagalpanti' has the potential to take an opening of around 6-8 crores.

Update: Going solely by the advance booking report of Pagalpanti, we predict that the film's opening day collections are going to be more than 'Marjaavaan's opening and less than 'Bala's opening.

Update: Pagalpanti Day 1 Collection Estimate: ~4.5-5 crores. This first day box office collection of 'Pagalpanti' is notably less than what we had predicted before.

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Pagalpanti Screen Count Estimates

Total Screen Count - Around an estimated ~3000 screens all across India.

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Pagalpanti Budget Estimates

Total budget - Around an estimated ~60 Crores (CoP + P&A)

Pagalpanti 1st Day Box Office Collection Prediction

Day 1 (Friday): 6-8 cr.

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